June 1, 2020
Gabriella Abutbol Skateboards In A Frilly Bikini And Gets Soaking Wet

Gabriella Abutbol kept her 1.6 million Instagram followers thoroughly entertained on Sunday with her latest action-packed video. The model rocked a flashy string bikini as she attempted to ride a skateboard. After getting dangerously close to taking a spill, she took a dip in an amazing pool with a water slide and small rock grotto.

Gabriella's video was a piece of sponsored content for Bang Energy drink. The model always seems to put a lot of effort into her ads for the beverage brand and her latest clip was no exception. For her wardrobe, Gabriella flaunted her fit physique in a floral-print string bikini. The depictions of flower blossoms on the garment were pink and yellow. The triangle cups of the top also featured a frilly red-and-white striped trim. The same flirty accents decorated the front and back of her scanty thong bottoms.

The video began with a shot of Gabriella attempting to skateboard on a paved walkway going downhill. The model waved her arms around and clearly struggled to keep her balance. She got dangerously close to crashing into the large decorative boulders that lined the walkway. Luckily, she jumped off the skateboard before she hit the rocks.

Gabriella gave skateboarding one more attempt. As she pushed the board along, she gave her fans a peek at her pert posterior. She was joined by her adorable golden retriever, Nixxon. The canine was obviously eager to reach their destination, which was an inviting swimming pool. Gabriella used a geotag to describe the location as "Dog's Heaven."

She leapt onto a pool float shaped like a giant flamingo and she zoomed down a water slide to land on another inflatable raft shaped like a huge popsicle. She also floated inside the grotto, which had water trickling down over its entrance.

Gabriella and Nixxon appeared to race each other across the pool in one shot and they both jumped off the top of the grotto into the water in another. At the end of the video, she was shown stretched out on a lounger with an exhausted-looking Nixxon squeezed on the chair near her feet.

As of this writing, her followers have hit the "like" button over 9,500 times. They also reacted to her video in the comments section, where Nixxon got a little love.

"That dog is AWESOME. LOL," read one response.

"Don't fall and skin up that beautiful body!" another concerned fan wrote.

"I freakin love all of your amazing posts and you're truly a fun loving and cheerful human being," gushed a third admirer.

Nixxon also made an appearance in a silly video that showed Gabriella rocking a bikini and trying on hats. She picked up the cute pooch at the end of that video.