June 1, 2020
Kindly Myers Sizzles In Tiny Purple Bikini Selfie

Kindly Myers shared an old school selfie on Instagram Sunday evening, thrilling her fans with a tiny string bikini that showed off her voluptuous body.

The Playboy model posed in a bathroom, holding her iPhone up and snapping the shot of herself in a mirror. Orange walls, a green countertop, and sink could also be seen. However, the focus of the photo was Kindly. She wore a shiny purple bikini top that had two triangles of fabric to protect her modestly while giving viewers a big peek at her ample cleavage. The suit had a gold charm in the middle that appeared to hold the triangles together. A matching one also connected the ties that went around her neck. The matching bikini bottoms dipped low in the front and tied in bows over each hip, and they also featured gold charms. The bottoms showed off her toned stomach and nipped-in waist, which included a shiny belly button ring that glittered in the model's navel.

Kindly wore her long layered blond hair straight, and it fell over one shoulder to her waist. She held one hand in the hair next to her face, which revealed her pinkish manicure. It also looked like she wore some makeup to accentuate her features including contoured eyeshadow, eyeliner, and long dark eyelashes, which showed due to her mostly closed eyes. The model's cheekbones appeared to have a hint of color and her full lips seemed light pink.

In the caption, Kindly warned her followers to be careful since karma may have a long memory, and they responded with plenty of likes and comments. At least 7,800 Instagrammers shared the love by hitting the "like" button, and almost 130 took the time to compose an affirmative reply.

"So perfect that looks like that Hardrock hotel? Lol I'm just guessing," noted one devotee, but Kindly did not reply to confirm the guess.

"Wow, I do not get tired of saying that you are very beautiful," a second fan enthused, including several pink heart emoji.

"Prettiest lady with fittest abs beautiful pairs of huge....eyes wow," enthused a third follower, who also shared red heart-eye emoji.

"I love you, sweetheart, so much you are the best in the world," a fourth declared.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Kindly hit a significant milestone on Instagram with 2 million followers, and she celebrated with two bottles of bubbly champagne and a sexy black one-piece swimsuit, which thrilled her fans.