June 1, 2020
Laci Kay Somers Tugs On Her Panties In Seductive Instagram Video

Laci Kay Somers turned up the heat on her Instagram account on Sunday, May 31, sharing a video of herself tugging on her underwear. The clip quickly captivated her 10.8 million followers, who were left awestruck by the model's sexy poses. The post has since been removed.

In the now deleted video, Laci looked at the camera with serious bedroom eyes, giving the lens a "come hither" stare. She never broke eye contact, her intense gaze fixed throughout the footage. She opened her mouth seductively, her lips parted and her pearly white teeth showing. At one point, she licked her lips, tantalizing her viewers even more.

She wore a bright white crop top that stood out against her sun-kissed skin. The minuscule shirt featured a triangle cutout at the top, making it even more racy. The tiny garment barely covered her assets, as her ample cleavage and buxom bust nearly spilled out of the top.

Laci's toned and tanned midriff was on full display as well, and her enviable abs and diamond belly button piercing could be seen, too.

She wore teeny black panties that dipped low on her abdomen and rode up high on her hips, showcasing her hourglass figure and fit physique.

She paired the racy ensemble with white strappy sandals. Laci completed the outfit with a medium-wash denim jacket, which she wore over the white tube top.

Her platinum-gray tresses tumbled down her shoulders in waves and several strands of hair fell to her chin, framing her face.

Laci's brown brows looked to be sculpted, groomed, and filled in with pencil. They arched high over her arctic blue eyes. Her feathery lashes curled upwards and fanned outwards, giving her a cat-eye appearance. Her waterline seemed to be rimmed with kohl liner and her lower lashes looked as if they were coated with black mascara.

Her cheeks appeared bronzed and highlighted, making her cheekbones pop. She finished the look with what appeared to be a nude gloss on her plump pout.

In the short clip, Laci pulled the sides of her underwear up and down, popping out her hips as she moved for the camera.

Before it was removed from Instagram, her sultry posing was not left unnoticed by her followers. They had flocked to the comments section in droves, eager to tell the model what they thought of the sexy video.

"You look f*king awesome," declared one social media user, punctuating their comment with a string of clapping, thumbs-up, and fire emoji.

"Yep. Daily reminder @lacikaysomers is still f'n hot," another fan shared, including three fire emoji.

As of press time, the video had racked up close to 52,000 views in just 30 minutes.