Gemstar Flaunts Her Booty In A Pair Of Short Shorts & A Matching Strapless Top

Brunette bombshell Gemstar shared a sultry photo with her fans on Sunday evening. The model uploaded her latest pic to her Instagram page, much to the delight of her 2.2 million followers.

In the snap, Gemstar could be seen standing in profile while in front of a sliding glass door. She had a sultry expression on her face as she looked to her right at the lens. Her slightly parted lips and hooded eyes helped create a seductive gaze. To pose, she raised her right hand and bent it at the elbow while taking a step forward.

To fit the sensual vibe of the picture, the stunner chose a matching pair of booty shorts and a strapless top from Live Fabulously. Her patterned shorts hugged her voluptuous rear and revealed her thick thighs and shapely legs.

As for her tube top, it appeared to dip low in the back to show off her upper torso and her shoulders. From the side, her bust was slightly visible emerging from the low-cut neckline of her shirt.

A full face of makeup appeared to accompany her casual, yet sexy appearance. It looked like Gemstar had used icy pink lipstick on her full lips and eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner on her eyes. She may have also dusted blush along her cheekbones and used bronzer to sculpt her nose and jawline. As a final touch, it appeared that she had carefully groomed her arched eyebrows.

She pulled her long dark curls into a high ponytail, allowing her luxurious locks to tumble down her backside. While Gemstar did not appear to be wearing any accessories, the room she stood in seemed sparsely decorated but not empty. A small white nightstand was visible behind her with a large rock or crystal formation perched on top of it.

Gemstar did not indicate her location, but it looked like she may have been in an apartment building on one of the upper floors. It looked like she may have used a blurry effect to hide the scenery beyond her doorway.

Gemstar's fans seemed to like her latest Instagram upload. In less than an hour of going live, the snap had garnered more than 10,100 likes and more than 200 comments.

"Too much cuteness to handle!!" exclaimed one fan.

"With all the madness going on here in Chicago, your post just made me smile, thank you!" wrote another.

"You are such an attractive woman," gushed a third admirer, trailing their message with a red rose emoji.