Hanna Oberg Flaunts Shapely Posterior In Leggings For ‘Booty Burn’ Workout

Hanna Oberg snaps a selfie
Hanna Oberg / Instagram

Hanna Oberg gave her 1.8 million Instagram followers some new workout ideas for training their glutes in the most recent video on her Instagram.

Dressed in a white sports bra and a pair of gray leggings, the Swedish fitness model started with a set of squats into calf raises. Hanna started in a wide-legged stance with her toes turned outwards. Then, she bent her knees until her glutes lined up with her knees. After that, she raised her before she straightened her knees.

In the next video, Hanna knocked out a set of wall glute bridges. Lying on her back the placed her feet against a wall and kept her knees bent. Then, she raised her hips and seemingly squeezed her glutes before she lowered them once more.

A set of hamstring walk-outs came next. She lay on her back for this one as well before she raised her hips. Then she stepped one leg forward followed by the other and kept her toes raised as she did so.

In the fourth clip of the series, Hanna tackled a set of side plank hip thrusts. Propping herself up with her elbow, she stacked bent legs on top of each other before she raised her hips and spread her knees.

Then, she ended the circuit with a set of one-legged step-ups. Hanna started with one foot placed on a stool. Then, she bent her knees for a deep squat. As she stood back up, Hannah stepped onto the stool but kept her back foot raised.

The post accumulated more than 14,000 likes in two hours and more than 100 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, Hanna’s fans shared their appreciation for the workout demonstration.

“I’m living for no equipment workouts during this quarantine!” one person wrote before adding an applause emoji to their comment.

“Those wall bridges- so creative! I have to try that!” another Instagram user added.

More than one commenter called her an “inspiration.”

“You are a great inspiration to me! I love you beautiful @hannaoeberg,” a third person commented before adding a sparkly heart emoji to their comment. “A hug from Argentina.”

“You’re such an inspiration,” a fourth Instagram user gushed. “Thank you for opening your life and habits to us. It’s been so helpful on my journey. And I’m only on week two. But already feel so much better about who I am and who I want to be!”