Nick Cordero's Condition Unchanged, They've 'Done Everything That We Possibly Can,' Wife Amanda Kloots Says

Singer and actor Nick Cordero is in something of a holding pattern in his battle against the novel coronavirus, his wife Amanda Kloots shared on Sunday morning. He has been in the ICU for 60 days now and Amanda shared a few updates via her Instagram stories.

On Sunday morning, Amanda shared several short videos explaining where things currently stand with Nick's condition. She acknowledged that she hasn't detailed much over the past week or so, and she said there isn't all that much to tell people at this point.

Amanda said that Nick is currently on a big dose of steroids that the doctors hoped would help reduce the inflammation in his body. Aside from that, she said that the doctors have essentially done everything they can for Nick at this point, and now it's something of a waiting game.

"Just waiting to see if things progress in a way that is good," Amanda said of what's happening now.

Nick's loved ones continue to pray for a miracle as they wait and hope that he can start making forward progress again.

"Kind of just waiting to see if Nick gets better," Nick's wife noted.

Amanda also shared a slide referencing how prayers are not always answered in the way people hope. She explained in her stories that this is something her sister talked with her about recently, and Nick's wife has clearly spent a lot of time thinking about this.

"That's where my faith really comes in... I will continue praying and asking God for this miracle for Nick and we will see. And if it's not the miracle I'm asking for, you know, maybe it's a miracle that comes out in a different way at a different time," Amanda explained.

About three weeks ago, Amanda was thrilled to tell the family's supporters that Nick had officially woken up and started to follow commands. Unfortunately, about a week later, things took a turn for the worse again and it sounds as if little has changed in any significant way since then.

On Saturday, Amanda shared a gorgeous photo on her Instagram page showing her with Nick. The photograph was taken from behind and they were holding hands and walking toward the bright sun.

In her caption, Amanda noted that it had been 60 days since Nick was admitted to the hospital and she said she missed him more than ever. She also mentioned that on Valentine's Day, Nick wrote a note to her about how the future was uncertain, but that he had no fear because she was walking by his side.

The photo, caption, and Instagram story updates seemed to suggest that Amanda and Nick's other loved ones are perhaps navigating an especially difficult time in this lengthy battle right now. They aren't giving up and they are still hoping and praying, but it sounds as if Nick may truly need a miracle at this point.