May 31, 2020
Ashley Alexiss Sizzles In Lacy Lingerie & Speaks Out About Equality

Ashley Alexiss has been posting quotes over the past couple of days in response to the tragic death of George Floyd, and although her newest share was a more typical lingerie snap, she made sure to discuss equality in the caption. She stunned in a lacy lingerie set and posed against a light pink backdrop for the professional photo.

The model's ensemble included a black teddy with lots of lace throughout. Her cleavage was on full show and the lace edging drew even attention to that area. The bottom of the teddy featured lace ruffles along the edge, and she completed her look with a garter belt and matching, sheer stockings. In addition, she sported a black leather jacket that she left unzipped.

Ashley stood facing the camera and tugged at her right lapel and the bottom of the jacket with her other hand. She glanced up at the camera with a coy smile on her face and added lots of accessories to add an edgy vibe to her look. Her jewelry included extra-large hoop earrings, a spiky collar necklace with two charm necklaces, and a studded leather bracelet.

She wore her hair down in a causal side part, and her wavy locks were brushed in front of her right shoulder. Her makeup application matched the backdrop, and it seemed to include pink shimmery eyeshadow with silver highlights under her brows, lots of blush, and light pink lipstick.

The share has garnered over 11,600 likes in the first hour since it was posted, and her fans left a variety of messages in the comments section. And although Ashley typically receives lots of compliments on her good looks, the message was what her fans seemed to focus on.

"To the same number you can text ENOUGH for Breonna and JUSTICE for Ahmaud," shared a social media user.

"Yas!! You are amazing! Not only are you a strong woman, you are beautiful, smart, a business owner, and understand that there is a real problem going on! #bossbabe #support #justiceforgeorgefloyd," wrote a second fan.

"I freaking love and adore you! You're incredible, don't stop what you're doing," expressed a third supporter.

Ashley also exuded lots of flirty vibes in another update from four days ago. That time, she wore a white t-shirt, black bottoms, and sheer stockings. She stood facing the camera straight-on and playfully tugged at her stockings with her hands. Her top read "Fresh" in black font, and she tied it in the front to reveal her midriff. Her sparkling navel ring had a dangling charm that sparkled in the shot.