Sofia Bevarly Shows Off Her Curves In A Colorful Bikini And Plays 'Pretend' On The Beach

Bikini model Sofia Bevarly spends a lot of time on the beach, so it should come as no surprise to many of her fans that her dream is to live close to the waves and sand. On Sunday, she tantalized her admirers with a new Instagram video that was shot on the beach that is often featured in her social media content. In the caption of her post, she revealed that she likes to "pretend" that her home is close to the sea.

Sofia's video was her weekly piece of sponsored content for Bang Energy drink. Her wardrobe for the shoot was a bikini from Meg Liz Swim. The bathing suit featured a flashy geometric print in an array of different shades of pink and blue.

Sofia's string bikini top had stretchy triangle cups that hugged her voluptuous chest. The model appeared to wear the halter strings tied tightly to provide a little lift.

Sofia's bottoms featured string sides and a unique waist detail. An additional stretchy string circled her curvy hips, and it was connected to the garment's wide triangle front by six short strings. The bottoms' waistline was low on her toned midsection, and this design detail highlighted her flat lower abdominal area. It also accentuated her hourglass shape.

While the construction of Sofia's swimsuit drew the eye to her hip area, the way she moved ensured that her viewers kept their eyes on her ample cleavage. The model was shown strutting through the sand with a little bounce in her step, and this extra movement had an obvious effect on her chest.

Sofia was also shown adjusting her bikini bottoms and kneeling down in the sand. She flashed a few flirty smiles at the camera as she posed.

The model wore her dark blond hair down, and she kept reaching up to play with it throughout her video. A sea breeze also occasionally teased her glossy tresses. Sofia appeared to keep her beauty look soft and natural with a pale lip, eyeshadow in neutral colors, and a light coat of mascara on her thick lashes.

It didn't take long for the model's fans to fill the comments section of her post with words of praise for her beauty. Some of her Instagram followers also shared their own home aspirations.

"You have an amazing body! So beautiful," read one response to her video.

"God was generous with you," gushed another fan.

"Love to buy a house next door to your beach house," a third admirer wrote. "It would provide a beautiful view toward the ocean and one to the side."