November 26, 2016
Oakland Raiders Rumors: Lamarr Houston Going to The Green Bay Packers?

Oakland Raiders rumors will be buzzing all throughout the week as free agency opens up on Tuesday. No other team will be looking to do more in free agency than the Oakland Raiders. After a dismal 4-12 record last season, it's more than a rumor that the Raiders need help everywhere.

Financially, the Oakland Raiders set themselves up for success this offseason. With $64.9 million available before reaching the salary cap, the team will be looking to add key components on offense and defense. Unfortunately for the Raiders, every team received a $10 million bump from the NFL this year as the salary cap was raised. That means an offseason they were supposed to own, just got a little more crowded.

So where are the Oakland Raiders rumors centering on these days? Rather than signings, things are heading in the other direction. Lamarr Houston, 26, is one of 17 unrestricted Oakland free agents. Of all the players available for the Raiders, Houston is probably the top priority to resign. Most free agency rumors have the Oakland Raiders defensive end in the top ten available players. Right now everything points to Houston making an exit, possibly ending up with the Green Bay Packers.

Besides Lamarr Houston, other Oakland Raiders rumors have Jacoby Ford, Darren McFadden, and tackle Jared Veldheer all hitting the open market. McFadden and Ford have been the two most valuable offensive weapons on the Raiders, but with uncertainty at the quarterback position, everyone feels replaceable at this point. McFadden's history of injuries have the Raiders hesitant to sign him. Of course, the best alternative on the roster right now is Rashad Jennings and he is also a free agents. Outside of doing something special in the draft and finding the right quarterback, there are not many helpful Oakland Raiders rumors to boost one of the worst passing offenses in the NFL.

One bright spot for the Raiders has been full back Marcel Reese. Reese, 28, is a pro bowler and outspoken leader in the Oakland locker room. The full back wants general manager Reggie McKenzie to be aggressive and go all out during free agency. Of all the Raiders, it seems that Reese is the player most invested in the success of the team. When asked about his recruiting of free agents from other teams, Reese said:

"I've been in constant contact with them and if they get here, they'll let you know. And Reggie will let you know that I was on him, and Mark [Davis] will let you know that I was on him. We've got to take care of home [free agents] first but then once free agency hits, we're going to get after anybody and everybody who's willing to come here. Not for the money. Not because they see a cap space number. But because they want to be a part of this -- this tradition, this franchise -- and they want to win."

In reality, if players like Lamarr Houston choose to sign elsewhere, Oakland Raiders rumors will be all over the place for a team that has needs at every position.

[Image via Sports Talk Florida]