May 31, 2020
Kayla Moody Rocks An Iridescent Two-Piece In Sultry New Video

Kayla Moody is going where the wind takes her. In a new video posted to her Instagram, the model donned an iridescent two-piece swimsuit and let the wind blow through her hair.

Kayla rocked a round, low-cut top in the video that barely contained her ample cleavage. The top was an iridescent gold, which has been a favorite color of the model in the past. The matching bottoms were similarly iridescent, and were snug against her tiny waist, highlighting both her killer abs and her toned legs. The look was completed by a french manicure on her fingertips.

In the video, Kayla posed on a small red table as the wind blew her hair off to the left. She ran both of her hands up her legs at the start and then used one to keep her hair out of her face. From there, Kayla ran the other hand up her stomach and eventually arrived at her chest. As she began caressing herself, she cracked a slight smile.

Her hair was down and was being gently tousled by the wind. She also had a full face of makeup in the video, including a sculpted brow, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. She colored her full lips pink and used highlighter to accentuate the bronze skin on her chin, forehead, and nose.

In the first 20 minutes after the brief video was posted, Kayla's more than 780,000 followers had already left over 80 comments, most of which expressed some appreciation for Kayla's beauty and her ability to make even a windy day look appealing. Some also commented on the White Claw that appeared on the table in the video.

"I wanna be that wild wind to touch every inch of your beautiful body," one user wrote.

"Do you need someone to hold your hair?" another remarked, accompanied by a winky face.

"Very very hot pose and beautiful figure honey really very very pretty outfit. Your husband is very lucky person i think he is enjoy every day with you," a third wrote.

The wind has been a common theme in Kayla's recent posts. Yesterday, the model posted a video of herself in a white see-through one-piece as she stepped out of the water and walked along a windy beach. The video received plenty of love on social media. That clip, which was longer than this one, also featured Kayla eyeing the camera as she walked away from it and up the beach.