May 31, 2020
AEW News: Cody Rhodes Responds To Criticism Over Company's Lack Of Diversity

All Elite Wrestling came under criticism this weekend for its alleged lack of diversity. As documented by 411 Mania, Cody Rhodes took to Twitter and responded to a fan's comments about the lack of black athletes in AEW's main event scene. Rhodes, however, was quick to highlight how the company has been practicing what it preaches regarding the importance of diversity.

Rhodes used Scorpio Sky and Brandi Rhodes as examples of AEW's commitment to giving black performers a platform. Sky was one half of the company's inaugural Tag Team Championships, while Brandi is the Chief Branding Officer, a role that gives her a lot of input in regard to how the company is run.

"One of our first champions was a black man. We have the only black executive in wrestling history as part of our core infrastructure as well. Our fans are beyond valued, I'd encourage you to watch my interview from this past week where I spoke directly to the viewer at home."
In addition to Sky and Rhodes being featured heavily in AEW, the company has shone a spotlight on other people of color, as well as transgender athletes. Nyla Rose, a native American, transgender performer, has been the Woman's Champion. The other two Women's Champions in company history, meanwhile, are Japanese.

Rhodes himself has also been critical of wrestlers who don't agree with AEW's diversity initiative. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he criticized former WWE superstar Val Venis, who took umbrage with Rose winning the Women's Championship.

However, the fan's question does seem to be focusing on the men's main event scene. Perhaps the fan wants to see more black athletes challenging for the World Championship on a regular basis. Others seem to agree with this sentiment, as independent wrestler AJ Gray responded to Rhodes' tweet, claiming that AEW isn't as dedicated to diversity as they claim to be.
"How u gonna preach diversity yet you won't hire black wrestlers who are equally talented if not more talented…. AND NOW You won't stand up for black peoples human rights? I'm all the way good on goin to Jacksonville….."
It is unclear what Gray is referring to with the claim that AEW isn't standing up for human rights. He didn't elaborate further. However, it is clear that he believes AEW officials should hire more black athletes and give them opportunity.

Rhodes hasn't responded to Gray's tweet at the time of this writing.