Arie Luyendyk Jr. Revealed His Wife, Lauren Burnham, Suffered A Heartbreaking Miscarriage Recently

Arie Luyendyk Jr. just revealed that he and his wife, Lauren Burnham, lost their second child due to a miscarriage about a month ago. Their journey was documented in a YouTube video on both the excitement of learning that they were expecting and then the heartbreak when they got the news of the miscarriage.

The couple, who met and fell in love on ABC's The Bachelor, gave their fans an inside look at what happened the moment they discovered that Lauren was pregnant to the time when they found out that she had lost the baby. They sat down together to share their story. Arie explained that he thought something was up when his wife started acting the same way she did when she was pregnant with their daughter, Alessi, who just turned 1 on May 29. Lauren didn't believe him, so she decided to prank her husband by buying a couple of pregnancy tests and marking one as being positive. She actually peed on the other one.

After showing Arie the fake one, he guessed it wasn't real, but then the unexpected happened. The real test was positive and they both said how surprised they were. They expressed how happy they were to make Alessi a big sister.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. Lauren's first doctor's appointment was right in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and that meant Arie wasn't able to go in with her. As he waited outside, the 28-year-old mom had an ultrasound done, but things got somewhat confusing. It showed she was only five weeks long, but Lauren assumed she was further along than that. The doctor explained that either she ovulated late or that the pregnancy was not viable.

Lauren's hormone levels were checked a few days later, and they were good, so the couple celebrated this new little one. However, their second appointment left them feeling very uneasy and worried as things hadn't been progressing normally.

The third appointment had them FaceTiming during the ultrasound while Arie was in the car waiting. He said he was hopeful, and also mentioned that a year ago, they were at the hospital when Lauren went into labor with Alessi, who was born the next day.

This time the doctor revealed that Lauren had what is called a "missed miscarriage." Her body wasn't signaling that she had a miscarriage, which was why her hormone levels continued to rise. In other words, her body thought she was still pregnant.

Lauren and Arie decided to wait to tell their story, but they expressed how hard it was to keep it all quiet.

"Trying to pretend like nothing is going on is really difficult. I feel like this is kind of the best way for us to tell the whole story," Lauren said.

It was just recently that Lauren and Arie talked about growing their family. They said that they had been planning on waiting a little longer to have more children.