May 31, 2020
Hannah Stocking & Adam Waheed Smash Their Faces Together In Funny Video About Finding Love With Missing Teeth

Instagram stars Hannah Stocking and Adam Waheed told a strange love story in a wacky video that Hannah shared with her 18.2 million followers on Saturday. She also uploaded the video to her popular TikTok account.

The video initially seemed like it was going to be all about finding love amid the coronavirus pandemic. It began with a shot of Hannah looking stylish in a textured miniskirt and matching crop top with spaghetti straps.

Her ensemble was a cream color with an allover beige print. The model added a playful touch to her look by rocking a black-and-white protective face mask with a cute cartoon cat print. She also wore a backpack with black straps.

Hannah was grasping the backpack straps and walking away from her garage when she stopped in her tracks. Adam was walking down the sidewalk while looking at his phone, but he glanced up at Hannah. After the two locked eyes, Hannah removed one of her mask's ear straps. She allowed the facial covering to dangle from her other ear as she gave Adam a flirty, close-lipped smile. The comedian removed his own black mask, and he appeared to be smitten with Hannah.

However, it briefly looked like the pair's meeting was going to end in disappointment for Hannah when she opened her mouth to laugh. This revealed that her two front teeth had been blacked out to make it look like they were missing. Adam appeared to recoil at the sight at first, much to her feigned dismay.

However, he then opened his own mouth to reveal that all of his teeth had been edited out, save for his two upper middle incisors. These just happened to be the teeth that Hannah was missing.

The video ended with Adam lying on his back and Hannah slowly leaning down over him. They both had their mouths open, and they smashed their faces together to make it look like Hannah was trying to fill the gap in her smile with Adam's two remaining teeth. Hannah ended up pressing her bottom lip up against Adam's nose.

As of this writing, Hannah and Adam's bizarre puzzle kiss video has racked up over 317,000 likes.

"Spongebob been real quiet since I posted this video," Hannah joked in the comments section of her post.

"Made for each other," read one fan's response to her video.

"Perfect match on a whole new level," another commenter wrote.

One of Hannah's followers also joked that it looked like she and Adam were playing Tetris with their teeth.

Hannah enlisted the help of a different celebrity, actor Pierson Fode, for one of her previous comedic videos. As reported by The Inquisitr, The Bold and the Beautiful actor ended up wearing Hannah's bathing suit in the duo's take on the "Flip the Switch" challenge.