Raven Loso Nearly Pops Out Of Her Low-Cut Hot Pink Bodysuit

Raven Loso impressed her 3 million Instagram followers with a provocative pic shared late Friday night. The model wore a skintight hot pink bodysuit with a plunging neckline that exposed her voluptuous cleavage.

The snap captured the buxom babe enjoying the bright sunshine while standing on a pathway leading up to a manor-like white house with wide windows and a balcony. Several palm trees were also visible behind her.

She was smiling brightly, revealing a row of perfectly straight, white teeth. Raven closed her eyes as she beamed, showing off her adorable dimples. She placed one hand across her chest while running her fingers through her tightly curled hair with her opposite hand. It added to the flirtatious nature of the picture.

Raven's outfit added to the overall cheerful vibe of the image. Her vibrant, eye-catching clothing made it impossible to miss her massive cleavage and exposed curves. The bodysuit hugged the swell of her hips and the natural dip of her waist. It appeared she was wearing a navel piercing, too, as an outline could be seen poking at the fabric clinging to her stomach.

To complement her colorful ensemble, the model draped a bright green bag over her left shoulder. She also wore a bracelet and a wristwatch. Around her neck, she sported a necklace adorned with a dog tag.

It looked like Raven was wearing a full face of makeup, an application including mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, blush, and lipstick. Her long hair cascaded down her side. She also wore a ring on her pinky.

In her caption, Raven asked her fans to drop a comment describing their feelings on her photograph. (Editor's note: The original post with that caption has since been deleted -- Raven uploaded the image again with a new caption.)

Her many admirers were happy to comply with her request. Within two hours of going live, her post had garnered over 500 comments and more than 15,100 likes.

Fans flocked to her comments section to shower her with compliments and appreciate her curvaceous figure. Several people wrote that she had a fantastic smile, and a few called her a "goddess."

"Like a slice of watermelon," wrote one admirer.

"Hahahahah You know your worth all the awesome emojis not one can describe you," raved another follower.

"Your dimples are just AMAZING," said a third user.

"Gotta say I love the colors you rock, it like a cherry on top," chimed in a fourth contributor.

A couple of days ago, The Inquisitr reported that Raven took a dip in a swimming pool while rocking an incredibly skimpy bikini top that barely contained her breasts.