May 31, 2020
Viki Odintcova Showcases Toned Bod In New Selfie

Viki Odintcova shared a sizzling new selfie with her Instagram fans today, and it proved to be a popular update. She posed in a lobby area and rocked an all-gray outfit that brought attention to her toned abs.

She stood facing the mirror and held her hand up with the phone. She placed her other hand in her pockets and glanced at the screen with a sultry hint of a smile on her face.

Her ensemble included a sports bra with a scoop neckline that gave her fans a glimpse at her cleavage. Her sweatpants were a slightly lighter tone and had a thick elastic waistband that rested right on her belly button. Viki also threw a sweater over her shoulder and the sleeves fell on either side of her chest. The model added a bit of glam to her look with her accessories and rocked a watch and a bracelet on one wrist.

In addition, she wore her hair down in a middle part and she tucked her locks behind her ears. Her makeup application seemingly included bright light pink lipstick, lots of blush, and dark liner on her lower lids.

She stood in front of a couple of elevators and the lobby she was in had tiled flooring with a geometric design. She was well-lit in the shot and her skin looked flawless. Beside her was a wooden table that was low to the ground, and the wall was a light blue tone with a marbled look.

The geo-tag revealed that she was somewhere in Moscow, Russia.

The snap has been liked more than 86,000 likes so far and her admirers headed to the comments section to share their rave reviews. However, the captions were in Russian so it didn't look like many people referred to it.

"So lovely," gushed a social media user.

"So cute," declared another admirer.

"I love you," expressed a third supporter.

"GORGEOUS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL," raved a fourth devotee, using a string of rose emoji to make their point.

In addition, Viki rocked another revealing ensemble in a photo that she posted a couple of days ago. That time, the main focal point of her outfit was her lacy bralette. It had frayed lace along her cleavage and at the bottom that called attention to her curves. She wore her hair down and tilted her head to the side and thrust her hip out. Her makeup application appeared to include a bright pop of pink for her lipstick.