May 31, 2020
YouTuber Aspyn Ovard Snuggles Baby Daughter In Sweet New Instagram Photo

Popular YouTuber Aspyn Ovard took to Instagram on Saturday, May 30, to show some sweet photos of her small family while also discussing the topic of racial division. The double post featured Ovard's infant daughter Cove.

In the first photo, Ovard could be seen looking peaceful while lounging in her living room on the family's plush white couch, the sun streaming in from the blinds. She wore a simple tank top and was makeup-free. Her blond hair flowed down naturally as the 24-year-old looked lovingly at her young daughter. The pair were snuggled under a fuzzy blanket. Cove leaned on her mother, a pacifier in her mouth.

In the second photo, Ovard's husband Parker Ferris held baby Cove while standing in their living room. The baby smiled at the camera as her father kissed her cheek. She wore an adorable light green, sleeveless jumper and rested one hand on her father's shoulder.

In her caption, Ovard spoke out about some controversial issues. She noted that she hopes that one day the world will be a better more peaceful place not only for her own child, but for all children. She included a hashtag pleading for justice for the death of George Floyd, an African American man who recently died while in the custody of Minneapolis police.

The post earned over 42,000 likes in less than an hour. Ovard boasts 2.2 million on the platform overall and is not one who typically addresses controversial issues that may be affecting the rest of the world. Her followers took to the comment section to praise her for speaking up this time and using her platform for good.

"Aspyn I know you don't normally post anything political or about news and other news in general but I wanted to say I appreciate you speaking up because you have an audience and an influence and it's important to use it for good, so I hope it does make a difference and help," one person wrote.

"Adorable! and such a good message," wrote another social media user.

"Thank you for using your platform to speak up against the injustice we are seeing," another person remarked.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, protests and rioting have broken out across the nation in protest of the death of Floyd.