What The Houston Texans Really Plan To Do With The Number One Pick

Let's get really honest right now....the Houston Texans are by no means a favorite to win the Super Bowl. It seemed that a few years ago, they had all they needed to become the favorites in the AFC. Yet it seems that the Texans, not being used to success, were unable to realize their potential.

The Texans struggled last year, to put it mildly. Houston ended up with the Number One Overall pick in this year's stacked NFL Draft. It seems that the struggle is real when it comes to what they will do with the pick however, as there are at least three potential candidates for the pick.

The first and most logical is Jadeveon Clowney.

Houston as well as every other NFL team has had their eye on the South Carolina defensive end who is literally one of the most freakish athletic people the NFL Draft has seen in years. He is around 250lbs and ran a 4.40 in the 40 yard dash. Running backs tend to do these types of numbers and Clowney did it as a defensive end.

Literally, Houston has a chance to take the best player in the draft in Clowney. The thing is, even though they could use him well opposite Mario Williams on the defensive line, the Texans really do not need a defensive end. They need a Quarterback, and two stand out above all others.

The second most logical pick for the Texans happens to be from Louisville, and his name is Teddy Bridgewater.

The former stand out was at one point a Heisman candidate this past year and led Louisville to an impressive record in the Big East. The issue came down to his competition. Teddy saw hardly any competition of note sadly. Even though he has an impressive size and throws a beautiful ball according to scouts, he simply doesn't seem like the guy they need. He simply has not looked good enough against enough big game competition worthy of the number one overall pick.

That brings us to the third most logical choice, Johnny Manziel.

Johnny has not been impressive as much in the combine as originally expected. He measured under six foot, and was not exactly accurate on his throws.

When it comes down to it, the former Heisman winner does have a lot he can give a team. He has improvisational skills that cannot be ignored; he simply makes plays happen. The Texans could use this as it's clear that their wide-out core does not have the skill base as a whole to really do anything of note. Sure, Andre Johnson is a beast. Sadly one great wide-out does not a fabulous Texans team make.

The running back system seems to be the highlight of the Houston offense, but even it suffered last year. The real need is at QB, so while it's easy to see that Clowney is the consensus best player available, the need is not there.

This has led some to the speculation that Houston might trade the pick instead of using it to pick Johnny Football or Bridgewater. It seems like a better idea for the Texans as they simply win all around by trading down to two or three. They end up with at least one of the three people they are looking at.

None of them really make sense for the number one overall pick. Teddy does not seem like number one material, Manziel is not THAT good despite playing against better competition and holding a Heisman. Then we have Clowney who is fantastic, but not really needed on the Houston defense.

At the end of the day, while the Houston Texans easily have a multitude of opportunities in play, they may end up keeping the pick. On top of that, they might even take Manziel number one overall. As weird as it might be, there are some who speculate that Clowney may get picked and Houston will pick up another Quarterback later in the draft or in free agency, maybe even trade. We shall see come April on what the Texans plan to do.