May 30, 2020
Anllela Sagra Showcases Booty In Tight Pink Leggings In New Selfies

Anllela Sagra took to her Instagram page today to share three new video selfies to capture the attention of her 11.6 million followers. She rocked a tight pink workout ensemble in the clips, and the focus seemed to be on her booty as she posed with her back angled toward the camera.

In the first video, the model held her phone in one hand and glanced at the screen with a serious expression on her face. She placed her other hand on her upper thigh and rubbed her upper leg.

Anella's outfit included a matching crop top with long sleeves and the leggings were high-waisted with a snug fit. The tag noted that the pieces were from Avine Apparel.

She wore her hair down and her locks were brushed behind her shoulders. If she wore any makeup, it was hard to tell thanks to the grainy nature of the clip, but her earrings peeked through and she sported a ring on one hand.

She took the selfie in the reflection of a floor-length mirror that was placed by the foot of her bed. Anllela often posts photos from the same spot.

In the second part, she smiled widely before biting her lip slightly. She then looked a little more serious and stood with her right leg crossed in front and her left hand on her waistband.

In the final video, she stood with her back angled toward the camera and propped out one foot. She made a kissy face as she looked at her phone screen.

The model exuded flirty vibes throughout and seemed to be enjoying her day.

The selfies were taken on a day with plenty of natural light flooding her room.

The post has been liked over 58,300 times so far, and her supporters flooded the comments section with a variety of messages.

"Gorgeous queen @anllela_sagra love u," gushed a social media user.

"Awesome. Looking pretty," declared a second admirer.

"Best fitness model," expressed another follower.

"I can hear your smile," complimented a fourth supporter.

The social media star posted another picture series a couple of days ago, that time rocking a casual lingerie set. Her Calvin Klein sports bra had a cutout in the center and a thick branded band at the bottom. She also sported a pair of tiny black thong bottoms and angled her phone in such a way to give her fans a good look at her muscular abs. In the reflection, her legs and bare booty were visible.