Nike Launched Ad Campaign In Response To George Floyd’s Death

The Nike 'swoosh' logo is displayed on the outside of the Nike SoHo store,
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Apparel company Nike has come out with an ad campaign saying “don’t do it” in an effort to address the social unrest that has swept the nation following the death of George Floyd.

Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man that died while in police custody on Monday, became the subject of demonstrations after a video of his encounter with police officers went viral.

The ensuing outrage caused demonstrations to swell in Floyd’s hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and across the nation. Protesters demanded justice for Floyd, and demonstrations sometimes devolved into looting and vandalism.

Nike’s campaign turned its motto of “just do it” on its head, saying, “For once, Don’t Do It” in a compelling video uploaded to their Instagram account.

“Don’t pretend there’s not a problem in America. Don’t turn your back on racism. Don’t accept innocent lives being taken from us. Don’t make any more excuses don’t think this doesn’t affect you. Don’t sit back and be silent. Don’t think you can’t be part of the change.”

The athletic wear company has a reputation for being socially aware and addressing issues in their apparel and messaging. During the controversy surrounding former San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick, the company supported the quarterback’s decision to kneel during the national anthem, showing their dedication to fighting for Kaepernick’s cause.

Nike has also taken on other social justice issues, including being one of the first American sportswear companies to advertise an athletic hijab. However, Nike didn’t have to look far to find a worthy cause in the racial unrest coursing through the nation following Floyd’s death.

While the apparel company seems to have found a compelling way to get people talking, athletes and individuals alike have spoken out in support of Floyd’s family after his death.

The Inquisitr previously reported that a memorial fund set up for the recently deceased man has brought in an unprecedented amount of funding for Floyd’s burial and family members.

According to the family’s GoFundMe account, over $4.3 million has been raised in three days. The donation page is clear that the funds would go straight to the Floyd family to pay for funeral expenses, an education fund for his children, as well as legal fees and travel expenses for his family to see justice for their brother’s untimely death.

Floyd is believed to have died due to injury and oxygen deprivation inflicted by police officers involved in his arrest.