June 1, 2020
Man Reportedly Uses Hunting Bow To Shoot At Protesters In Salt Lake City

During a protest against police brutality in Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday, a man reportedly used a hunting bow to shoot at protesters, according to TMZ. A video taken by one of the protesters and posted on Twitter showed how the incident played out.

According to TMZ, a group of protesters stopped traffic on a Salt Lake City street and the man was one of many stuck in traffic. The video showed him emerging from his car with a large hunting bow and began waving the bow around at the protesters. The man was approached by a woman from the crowd who spoke to him, apparently trying to de-escalate the situation.

But instead of backing down, the man proceeded to shoot arrows into the crowd of protesters, TMZ reported. In the video, one person could be seen falling to the ground, but it was unclear whether they had actually been shot and injured.

TMZ reported that the man tried to continue shooting, but before he could loose any more arrows, a crowd of protesters rushed him and tackled him to the ground. Reportedly, the protesters proceeded to beat the man up once he was on the ground.

In a second video posted by the same Twitter user, a car is seen burning. The caption on the video stated that the Salt Lake City police allowed protesters to set fire to the car of the man who was shooting into the crowd, though this has not been confirmed. TMZ said that Twitter users who saw the incident claimed that the man who was shooting the bow was taken into custody by the police.

As of right now, there is no official report of the incident. All of TMZ's information appears to have come from the videos posted to Twitter and replied to the tweets. The Salt Lake City Police Department has not released any information about the incident and the story has not been picked up by local news outlets.

Violent protests have raged in cities throughout the country since Wednesday. The protests started as non-violent demonstrations against police brutality after the death of George Floyd during an incident with Minneapolis police on Monday evening.

Protests started to turn violent on Wednesday evening and since then protesters have been seen setting fire to buildings and cars, looting stores, breaking windows, and attacking police in cities all over the country. Police in several cities have been recorded using aggressive force against protesters.