May 31, 2020
Daniella Chavez Flaunts Major Cleavage In Skimpy Lingerie Top As She Holds Up Champagne Bottle

Chilean bombshell Daniella Chavez captivated plenty of fans around the world after she posted a very sexy snapshot of herself on Saturday, May 30. The internet sensation took to Instagram to share the image with her 12.9 million followers, and it caught the attention of tens of thousands just minutes after going live.

Daniella glowed as she was photographed indoors. She took center stage and posed directly in front of the camera, exuding a playful-yet-sexy vibe as she stuck her tongue out and leaned over a table. The 24-year-old model also directed her gaze straight into the camera's lens as she held up a bottle of Moet Chandon champagne.

Her long platinum blond hair -- which featured dark roots -- was parted in the middle and styled into two half-ponytails that cascaded down her back and over her shoulders.

Daniella appeared to be rocking a full face of makeup that both brought out her natural beauty and elevated her look. The application looked to include foundation, pink blush, shimmering highlighter, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, a light pink lipstick, and sculpted eyebrows. Still, it was her enviable figure that stood out in the snapshot, as she showcased her body in a revealing two-piece lingerie set.

Her bra, which appeared to be made out of a lace material, featured a colorful print and two skinny gray straps that tied around her neck and back. The undergarment did not leave much to the imagination as its tiny triangular cups struggled to contain her voluptuous assets, exposing more than an eyeful of cleavage and sideboob.

The model also rocked a pair of tiny panties that likely featured the same design as the bra, though they were hard to see in the image. However, the minuscule briefs did successfully and clearly showcase Daniella's curvaceous hips and thighs.

In the post, the model tagged the Playboy Mansion as her location. Meanwhile, in the caption, she asked her followers -- per a Google translation from Spanish to English -- what the first word that came to their mind was, likely after seeing her photo.

The sexy snapshot was met with instant and widespread support from fans, garnering more than 31,000 likes in just the first half-hour after going live. More than 700 followers also headed to the comments section to shower the model with compliments on her beauty, figure, and lingerie.

"Marvelous," one user wrote.

"The baddest on the planet," a second fan added.

Today's update was hardly the first time Daniella stunned fans with smoking-hot content. On May 28, she shared an image of herself in bed as she sported lacy lingerie, per The Inquisitr.