May 31, 2020
Polina Malinovskaya Pops Her Booty While Wearing Lilac Lingerie

Polina Malinovskaya posted a sultry pic to her Instagram page on Saturday morning that showed her wearing lilac lingerie. Her 1.7 million followers went wild over the stunning photograph.

The snap captured the blonde standing on a set of stairs while leaning against what appeared to be a white stucco wall. The steps seemed to be artisanal, possibly made out of painted porcelain tiles.

Recently, Polina has shared a few photographs from her time in Mykonos, a Greek island, which may have been where her new photo was taken, but she did not specify.

In the photo, it looked like she was walking up the stairway when she paused halfway to the top to get into a lunge position with her left leg extended forward on a higher step than her back leg. She peered over her shoulder back at the camera with a seductive gaze on her face. She also arched her back to make her behind stand out and look curvier.

On her upper half, the model sported a simple lilac bra that revealed her deeply tanned shoulders and her slender backside. She chose matching panties for her bottoms, and they seemed to hug her perky booty perfectly. The thick waistband accentuated her narrow hips and waist. Polina treated her admirers to a close-up of her rear along with a visual of her toned thighs.

The casual and minimal outfit called for little makeup. It did not appear that Polina was wearing much on her face beyond maybe some foundation and mascara. Her long silky blond locks cascaded down her backside and looked to be parted down the center. A few tendrils hung across her face, partially covering her right eye.

For her accessories, Polina chose to keep it simple with a single ring. It looked like her nails were sporting a French manicure.

Polina's loyal fan base seemed to love the shot as they quickly left an abundance of likes and messages. By Saturday evening, her pic had garnered more than 166,200 likes and over 700 comments.

Many of her fans took to her comments section to shower her in compliments or to ask where she got her underwear.

"My heart has stopped beating for about 2 minutes," gushed one person.

"Just so stunning in EVERY photo," complimented another.

"So absolutely gorgeos [sic] and what a sexy body and legs," wrote a third admirer.

"Very nice shot. You're so beautiful," chimed in a fourth contributor, emphasizing their point with a string of adoring emoji.