WWE News: Move Banned From In-Ring Action After Prior Injuries

A move that has caused multiple injuries in different matches has now been banned entirely by WWE. The maneuver is a powerbomb into the turnbuckles, but it is better known as a "bucklebomb" by superstars and hardcore fans. The move has come under fire, and it has reportedly been permanently banned due to its dangerous nature.

According to PW Insider, bucklebombs have been removed entirely from the list of authorized moves. Not a single superstar from Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, 205 Live, or NXT can use the move during any in-ring performances.

The move recently became an issue when used during a match between Nia Jax and Kairi Sane on Raw in late April. Jax delivered a bucklebomb, but something went wrong, and Sane ended up landing awkwardly after hitting her head on the bottom turnbuckle.

Fans immediately jumped all over Jax as she's had a reputation for being rough in the ring with other superstars. This past week, there was another "unfortunate accident" in a match between Jax and Sane again, but The Inquisitr has reported that many commenters believe it was unintentional.

Nia Jax takes on Kairi Sane in the ring on

The bucklebomb also led to the retirement of Sting, cutting his WWE career extremely short.

At Night of Champions in 2015, Sting took on Seth Rollins for what would be his only WWE Championship shot ever. During the match, Rollins delivered a bucklebomb to Sting, and it was evident that something was wrong at the exact moment it happened.

Once doctors and medical staff examined him in the weeks following the pay-per-view, it was revealed that Sting suffered from spinal stenosis. The move delivered by Rollins didn't go as planned, but Sting's medical condition was already leading him to exit the ring for good.

Sting is treated by WWE staff after being injured in the ring.

The bucklebomb isn't the first move to be banned by WWE, and there are many that have ended up coming off the list.

Rollins had his "Curbstomp" finisher banned for quite a while, but it was eventually reinstated. The same can be said for the Shooting Star Press, which was banned by WWE for quite a long time but has recently been allowed back for some superstars. The piledriver, meanwhile, was banned many years ago and is unlikely to ever make a comeback.

Due to the danger of the bucklebomb and the number of injuries it has produced, WWE moving it to the list of banned moves is probably a permanent one.