May 30, 2020
Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich's Decision To Separate Was Reportedly 'A Long Time Coming'

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich's separation reportedly wasn't an abrupt decision on their end.

Although they recently released an official statement announcing that they are separating after two years of marriage, many of their fans suspected something was awry within ther relationship. According to Us Weekly, the couple were aware of their issues and were doing everything they could to repair the romance. However, some of the problems they had reportedly couldn't be repaired, as they faced multiple obstacles in their marriage.

"Julianne and Brooks' split was a long time coming. They argued a lot and just had different viewpoints on important issues," a source shared. "There's still a love there, but not in a romantic sense."

Fans first inquired about the details of the marriage back in March. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people were quarantined. Hough shared that she was in her Los Angeles home and working on her projects during the quarantine. As for her husband, he informed his audience he has been in Idaho since the quarantine began.

At the time, the couple was seemingly fine with living separate lives in different locations. They were reportedly spending time apart prior to the quarantine. Hough spoke to Extra about their distance in March and hinted that the quarantine was a way for them to reflect on their marriage.

"This is gonna be a time for a lot of healing, whether it's personally, in relationships and friendships and families," Hough said of the nationwide quarantine. "The universe was just like, 'Let's put people at home and figure their s**t out,' and I'm not just saying Brooks and I. I'm saying life in general and this is the time to do that."

In addition to living away from each other, Hough was also spotted without her wedding ring on multiple occasions. She was also seen out with actor Ben Barnes while Laich was in Idaho. Although the outing led to further suspicions that the marriage was over, the couple dismissed the rumors by flirting with one another on social media.

Hough and Laich got married in July of 2017. The pair dated for several years prior to them tying the knot. In their statement announcing their separation, the couple shared that they "lovingly" considered what they were planning to do before announcing the split to the public. They also said that they deeply admire one another and ensured that their feelings wouldn't change because they decided to no longer be together.