Qimmah Russo Powers Through Lower Body Workout In Pink Shorts And Oversized Purple Jacket

Qimmah Russo poses for media photos at a red carpet event
David Livingston / Getty Images

Los Angeles-based fitness trainer Qimmah Russo powered through a lower body workout in the most recent video shared to her YouTube channel. In a somewhat lengthy clip, the petite powerhouse rocked a pair of pink shorts with ruching on the sides paired with a shiny oversized purple jacket.

With two weight plates in hand, Qimmah started the workout with a set of Bulgarian split squats with front raises. For this exercise, she placed her foot on a gray stool behind her and kept her heel raised. Then, she bent her front knee and lifted the weight plates simultaneously.

Next, she combined lunges with front raises. These moves were similar to the previous exercise combo, except that Qimmah placed her back foot on the ground.

A set of straight-legged kickbacks came next. Holding the heavy plates at her sides, Qimmah leaned forward while raising her leg behind her. After that, she tackled a series of wide-legged sumo squats. During the exercise, Qimmah held the plates in front of her face, keeping her elbows bent as she did so.

At around the 3 minute, 30 second mark, Qimmah paused her circuit to tell her audience that the workout had caused her to break a sweat.

“So, we’ve gotten through almost all of the exercises, we still have one more left and I’m hot and I’m tired… not only are my arms sweating but my back, and my chest and my forehead’s sweating.”

But despite her apparent discomfort, she moved on to the next exercise in her circuit — a squat hold with alternating plate lifts.

In the comments section, followers shared their positive reactions to the video.

“When I see Qimmah Russo, I see someone that eats healthy and takes care of her body,” one person wrote.

“You are loved by many, God bless you, and please continue to do what you are the best at,” another commenter added.

“Let’s go Qimmah!! You inspire me darling much love, blessings,” a third commenter wrote.

“You’re an amazingly fitness-beautified woman, Qimmah!” a fourth YouTube user commented.

In one of Qimmah’s previous displays of physical fitness recently posted to her Instagram page, she performed a handstand while wearing a pair of blue leggings and a matching sports bra. After holding the position for a while, she lowered each leg, keeping them straight as she did so.

That clip has been viewed over 30,000 times, as of this writing and close to 100 Instagram users have commented on it.