Daisy Keech Flaunts Insane Curves As She Poses In Tiny Bikini Alongside Mathilde Tantot

Daisy Keech shares a selfie with fans on Instagram.
Daisy Keech / Instagram

American internet sensation Daisy Keech sent fans into a frenzy on social media after she posted a sexy new snapshot of herself on Saturday, May 30. The blonde shared the image on her Instagram account with her 4.5 million followers, and it instantly caught their attention.

The 20-year-old was photographed outdoors as she basked in the sun alongside friend and fellow influencer Mathilde Tantot. The pair took center stage as they posed directly in front of the camera from different angles. Daisy, particularly, exuded a very sultry vibe as she wore a pout and directed her gaze straight at the lens. Mathilde, however, appeared to be unbothered as she kept her eyes closed.

Daisy’s long highlighted blond hair was partly pulled back as it cascaded down her back in slight, natural-looking waves. Mathilde wore her locks down and in tighter waves.

Daisy also looked to be wearing a full face of makeup in the image. Her application seemingly included foundation, bronzer, mascara, eyeshadow, and sculpted eyebrows, adding a glamorous touch to her look. Meanwhile, Mathilde kept her look simple, opting to flaunt her natural beauty.

Still, it was the girls’ lack of clothing that caught viewers’ eyes, as both of them rocked skimpy, matching bikini ensembles.

The two-piece set was white with a floral print. The tops tied around the ladies’ neck and back, with Daisy further opting to tie hers around her midriff — a move that drew attention to her slim core.

The tops did not provide too much coverage as they exposed an ample amount of Daisy’s sideboob. However, it was hard to see how it fit on Mathilde as her backside faced the camera.

Meanwhile, the bottoms — which featured a thong-style cut and versatile side straps — left little to the imagination on both girls as they showed off their derriere and curvaceous hips.

Daisy did not include a location for the snapshot, but wrote in the post’s caption that she missed her friend, also stating that the image was an “old one.”

The photo was met with a great deal of support from Daisy’s fans, accumulating more than 387,000 likes since going live Saturday afternoon. Additionally, more than 1,300 followers also took to the comments sections to praise the model and her friend on their beauty and bodies.

“Babe,” one user wrote.

“My angel,” a second fan proclaimed.

Daisy has shared a number of photos with her fans lately. Just on May 23, she sent her followers’ temperatures soaring after she rocked yet another skimpy two-piece bikini, per The Inquisitr.