Jojo Babie Rocks Thong Panties & Thigh-High Socks In Sexy Selfie

Jojo Babie poses for a selfie.
Jojo Babie / Instagram

Master of social media Jojo Babie knows how to grab the attention of her 10.1 million followers. Most of the time, that involves showing off plenty of skin. On Saturday, she decided to give her fans a treat by flaunting her derrière in a pair of thong panties while taking a sexy selfie in her home.

The model wore a long-sleeved sweater, which she wore rolled up high around her waist, giving her fans a good look at her behind. She also sported a pair of black thong panties with white trim. She completed her look with a pair of thigh-high socks. They had a wide lace edge along the top, giving them a bit of femininity.

Jojo posed with one leg in front of the other, emphasizing her pert booty and her shapely thighs. She placed her free hand on her hip and turned slightly as she held the phone over her shoulder while she snapped the photo. The pose showed off her slim waist and the outline of her bustline under the sweater.

Jojo looked relaxed as she posed for the snap. She wore her hair in a ponytail high on top of her head. She also seemed to go with little to no makeup, opting to let her natural beauty shine through.

The post was an instant hit, with more than 26,000 of her admirers hitting the like button within an hour of her sharing it.

In the caption, Jojo asked her fans how they would characterize her to the people they knew.

As expected, the question generated a variety of responses, with most of the replies coming from fans lavishing praise on Jojo for her good looks and curvy physique.

“I’d be speechless, I’d tell them you have to see her yourself to believe her beauty and her awesomeness,” one follower wrote.

“She’s the best damn woman I’ve ever seen knocking me out with American thighs,” joked a second Instagram user.

“The most beautiful woman with a perfect body in the world,” a third fan chimed in.

“One of the most finest women in all of the cosmos,” quipped a fourth admirer.

Jojo certainly knows how to keep her fans coming back for more. She never seems to tire of posting seductive snapshots that show her scantily clad. Earlier in the month, she gave her fans plenty to drool over when she shared a photo that featured her wearing a skimpy bikini while posing next to a Slingshot three-wheeler.