Anna Katharina Sizzles In A String Bikini Top To Show Fans ‘What Summer Weather And No AC Looks Like’

Anna looked slightly sweaty as she posed inside a room with '70s decor.

Anna Katharina and reality television personality Josh Allan Murray attend the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival
David Becker / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Anna looked slightly sweaty as she posed inside a room with '70s decor.

Anna Katharina brought the heat to her Instagram page on Saturday with a video that was shot inside a sweltering building. For the somewhat sweaty shoot, the model looked smoking-hot in a colorful string bikini top.

Anna’s video was a promotional shoot for Bang Energy. In the caption of her post, the model revealed that its footage was filmed in a location without air conditioning. Anna’s face and voluptuous chest were glistening in the video, as if she was starting to sweat. Unfortunately, the lower half of Anna’s outfit probably wasn’t doing much to help her stay cool. She rocked a pair of distressed skinny jeans that clung to her every curve. The figure-flattering pants showcased her pert posterior as she posed to the side. The jeans had a high waist that hit right at the navel. However, much of Anna’s taut midsection was still on full display.

The model’s bikini top was a classic design with triangle cups and string ties around the neck and back. The garment featured a vibrant pattern that somewhat resembled paintbrush strokes in shades of purple, pink, turquoise, and orange. The print had a tropical vibe, and the colors helped draw the eye to Anna’s ample cleavage.

The model wore her long, blond locks down and styled in loose waves. A pedestal fan provided some respite from the heat, and it also served as a makeshift wind machine by blowing Anna’s hair away from her face.

The model’s beauty look appeared to include pink lipstick, coppery bronzer, mascara, and eye shadow in an earthy color palette.

Anna posed in two rooms that featured retro ’70s decor, including wallpapers with bold patterns and colors. In one room, vinyl record albums had been placed on shelves on the wall. The albums that were visible included Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of The Beach Boys, The Beatles’ Abbey Road, and The Velvet Underground & Nico, which featured banana artwork by Andy Warhol.

Other retro touches included a rotary phone on the desk and a vintage microwave, stove, toaster, and tea kettle in the kitchen. In one shot, Anna also spun around on a plastic swivel chair similar to those that were popular during the ’70s.

Anna’s steamy blast from the past was a big hit with her Instagram followers. The model’s fans didn’t try to keep their cool in the comments section while expressing their feelings about her video.

“As usual always beautiful and shining,” one fan wrote.

“You make me go bananas,” another admirer confessed.

“So damn sexy,” a third comment read.

Anna’s previous Bang Energy video was also filmed in a retro setting. As reported by The Inquisitr, the model rocked the same bikini top as she posed inside a classic ’50s-style diner.