Stevie Lynn Stock Dead, 3-Year-Old Daughter Of Social Media Influencer Dies Weeks After Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Stevie Lynn Stock has died less than two months after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her mom, Ashley Stock, a popular social media influencer, shared the devastating news on Instagram on Friday, May 29. Stevie died in the arms of her mom and dad on Wednesday, May 27, just 10 days after her third birthday.

"At 1:05pm on May 27th, Stevie took her final breath in our arms. There have been many miracles and countless God moments that I'll put into words when my heart has strength. For now, I'm overwhelmed with relief that she's at peace but I'm also feeling crushed by a pain so intense i can't put it into words," Ashley wrote in a heartbreaking post.

Stevie Was The Only Daughter Of The Stock Family & Was Born Happy And Healthy

Stevie Lynn was born on May 17, 2017, to her loving parents, Ashley and her husband, Ben, and joining her two big brothers, Wesley and Sawyer, to complete the Stock family. Upon her birth, Ashley took to social media to share the joyous news.

"Our baby girl is finally here, happy and healthy and filling our hearts more than we ever knew possible," Ashley wrote on Instagram following Stevie's birth.

Over the next several months, Ashley chronicled her life as a girl-mom and shared all of the joy and excitement of being tickled pink with her family, friends, and followers.

Over the next two and a half years, Stevie was showcased on her mom's social media account alongside her two brothers. The family shared many happy moments together, from Sawyer's preschool graduation to the addition of a new puppy. Stevie was nothing short of a blessing.

Stevie grew into quite the little lady with lots of personality that poured through in photos.

Stevie Became Sick Suddenly Back In April

Aside from an ear infection or two, Stevie appeared to be a very healthy child. However, things took an unexpected turn one night in April. About six weeks ago, Ashley shared an update to Instagram -- her daughter had been admitted to the hospital.

"I don't have words. Only an update. Last night our almost three year old daughter, Stevie was admitted to the hospital due to rapidly declining motor function. Ben is home with the boys because Covid restrictions only allow one parent with a child/patient at a time. After several tests, a social worker came and escorted me to a private room where 4 doctors sat waiting. My stomach sank as i accepted the box of tissues handed to me and they delivered the news that our sweet baby girl has a large mass on her brain. This is all we know for now. We are awaiting additional tests and a neurosurgeon and team of doctors will be having a round table to discuss best next steps for our baby girl. Please pray for our Stevie," Ashley captioned a series of photos.

The next day, Ashley shared a set of vulnerable photos of herself in tears. She and her husband, Ben, were waiting on Stevie's MRI to find out what may have caused the declining motor function. To make matters even more challenging, Ashley and Ben couldn't be in the hospital together because of COVID-19 protocol.

Ashley's next Instagram update was even more heartbreaking. Not only did the MRI show that Stevie had a brain tumor, but the type of tumor had a zero percent survival rate.

"Today we learned the news that Stevie's tumor is a form of cancer called DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma). And it has a 0% survival rate. We are shattered. Broken. Gutted," Ashley wrote in part.

According to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, DIPG is "highly aggressive and difficult to treat."

Stevie Had Many Ups & Downs But Was Surrounded By Love Until She Passed

Stevie had a lot of ups and downs over the past several weeks, but she was surrounded by the love of her family. Ashley continued to post updates, some positive and others more difficult to read -- but all showing just how adored Stevie was.

"Today she gets flush with pain and grabs her head and closes her eyes with a grimace. Today she has seizures and tremors and lethargy. Between the pain, she smiles and giggles and admires her glitter fingernails and asks for us to bring her more surprises and blueberry muffins," Ashley wrote in an update on May 15.

Twelve days later, Stevie passed away.