‘The Bachelor’ Stars Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan Tease Big Developments With Their Romance

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber film a date for 'The Bachelor'
Francisco Roman / ABC

The blossoming romance between Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan of The Bachelor seems to be getting serious. In the comments section of a recent Instagram post, Kelley suggested that those fans anxious for a televised update just might be getting something soon. Not only that, but a recent Cameo video on Peter’s page revealed that he’s ready to move out of mom and dad’s house, as he has his eye on a place far closer to Kelley’s.

Kelley recently posted a cute photo showing her wakeboarding with Peter. This got a big reaction from The Bachelor fans, and it seemed that the sweet upload left many wanting more.

“I want an after after the final rose live with Chris Harrison cuz I feel like we’re still living your season lmao,” a fan commented.

“Might be coming soon,” Kelley teased in response.

It seems that this was all a few fans needed to hear to start hoping maybe there could be a televised proposal included in whatever update special might be in the works.

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Get over here and give me a ????

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Kelley and Peter may be wakeboarding somewhere coastal right now, but it looks like he’s looking ahead a bit as well. The Bachelor star is on Cameo now, and a recent video revealed something exciting for those rooting for this pair.

The video was directed toward a real estate agent in the Chicago area. Peter said that he had his eye on a specific property in the area and he wanted more information from this realtor who is representing the property.

Peter said he has fallen in love with Chicago, and he plans to spend a lot more time there. Of course, Kelley lives in Chicago. and that’s where this romance finally took off.

If Peter is ready to buy or rent his own place in Chicago, that means he’s serious enough about Kelley to finally move out of his parents’ house. That is certainly a big step.

The place that Peter mentioned was on the market, but it was recently delisted. According to Realtor, it is a condo that is worth about $2 million and it is located in the River North area.

The condo has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and it even has a private elevator. In addition, it’s got a private rooftop deck and covers an impressive 4,100 square feet. Buying this high-end, modern Chicago condo would certainly be a big change for Peter after living at his parents’ house.

Whether Peter buys that particular place or somewhere else, it sounds as if he’s ready to relocate and focus on building his romance with Kelley. Per her comment, it sounds as if The Bachelor pair may soon sit down with host Chris Harrison and give the lowdown on all that’s developed between them these past few months, and fans cannot wait to get the scoop.