Guest Post On Daniel Brusilovsky: The View From Across The Pond

Guest Post Bio: Scott Campbell is a 14 year old freelance journalist and photographer. He’s written for BBC News Online, The Huffington Post and various British newspapers.

I’m Scott Campbell. I’m 14 and I previously worked for a news website named Net News Daily.

As the Daniel Brusilovsky incident came to light, I was quite frankly shocked. It’s an unfortunate truth that Daniel’s greediness may destroy opportunities in the media for other young people.

In 2009, Net News Daily conducted an investigation which uncovered a shocking truth; Brusilovsky had lied about the member numbers for his Teens in Tech website.

It was claimed that Teens in Tech had around 10,000 members, when in fact, it only had around 400 – 200 of which were spam accounts. You can read more about that on The Inquisitr here.

After we wrote that article, we were attacked by many of Brusilovsky’s supporters, and contacted by his lawyer, who made legal threats against us.

The people who hated us for that article are probably thinking twice now about ‘Wonder Child’ Daniel Bru.

He has committed a worse crime than we ever did, if we did. I’m sure his ‘lawyers’ won’t be much help in this situation where it is blatantly obvious he is at fault.

He had the cheek to call us unprofessional and immature (amongst other things) and he was extorting companies at the same time.

This is going to have a horrible effect on youth working in new media.

The people who hated us for that article are probably thinking twice now about ‘Wonder Child’ Daniel Bru.

Michael Arrington will obviously get a lot of backlash; He has basically launched Daniel Brusilovsky. Teens in Tech was practically created from TechCrunch.

Brusilovsky has made a huge and unnecessary mistake. He had it all, and he has thrown it all away due to his own greed.

I personally think it is a disgrace.

Let’s look at his non-apology apology on his blog:

“Thank you for the support thus far, and I hope you respect my decision to have some privacy.”

What support? He has EXTORTED companies into giving him things, who is going to ‘support’ someone after that?

Some people are given too much, and obviously don’t appreciate it.

There will still be some who believe wholly in Daniel Bru. But he has turned the majority against him

He’s made his bed, now he can lie in it.

Editors note: this is a guest post from someone on the other side of the issue. We’ve quoted his work before (and it was good,) and he makes some valid points. This post is published because I believe it interesting, even if I may not agree with all its content. I hope in contributes to the debate