Lauren Simpson Flaunts Sculpted Figure In Thong & Reveals What She Eats In A Typical Day

A close-up of Lauren Simpson's face.
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

Fitness model Lauren Simpson posted a selfie to social media site Instagram on Friday, May 29, that featured her in a thong. Lauren also filmed and snapped photos of her meals during a typical day to show her 1.9 million followers what she eats while living a fitness-focused lifestyle.

In the selfie, Lauren stood in front of a mirror in a room with a white dog, white cabinets, and a white board making up the background of the frame. She wore a light gray cropped hoodie sweatshirt and left a strip of her chiseled tummy on display. Lauren chose to forgo pants on her lower half, opting for a tiny black thong that dipped low on her pelvis. Viewers got an eyeful of the model’s sculpted backside and legs.

The fitness trainer completed the outfit with a pair of gray ankle socks. She wore her long, platinum blond locks pulled back into a ponytail and pinned back the loose strands with a bobby pin. She also appeared to have made up her face with black mascara, eye shadow, and pink glossy lips.

In the following slide, Lauren posted a short video clip of a typical breakfast — salted caramel blueberry pancakes. She then posted a photo of rice paper rolls that she eats for a late morning snack and followed up with a snap of her turkey salad for lunch. A variety of items could be seen in the next slide, which pictured the model’s second snack of the day and included a protein bar, apple, and baked snap pea crisps.

For dinner, she posted a photo of beef mince with mixed stir fry veggies. In the caption, she explained that she used soy sauce, hoisin sauce, ginger, and chilli sauce to cook the veggies. Dessert was decaf coffee with English toffee flavoring and ice cream. In the final slide, Lauren posted a snap of packets of powdered chocolate and collagen coffee.

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What I eat in a day ????????‍♀️ – What meals I eat is probably one of the top questions I get asked so I thought I’d share what I ate yesterday, which would be a pretty standard day of eating during the week for me. Weekends I usually eat out or get Uber Eats! Swipe across to see my ‘food diary’ for yesterday! – – I just wanted to clarify a few points: – – I’m not trying to lose weight. – I am happy to maintain my body composition right now. – I don’t track my calories. – I eat ‘mindfully’. – I don’t track my macros. – I don’t know how much I weigh or my body fat %. – If I’m hungry I eat more. – I don’t restrict myself from any food groups or foods in general. There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food – just some more nutrient dense than others. Food is food. – I don’t mind eating similar things most days for convenience. I am quite basic ????????‍♀️. – – BREAKFAST: Salted caramel blueberry pancakes OR egg white scramble on toast OR protein oats. SNACK: Rice paper rolls (a recipe can be found on my IGTV). LUNCH: Chicken or Turkey & salad. SNACK: Protein bar (favs are @lustproteinbar & Quest), apple, crips, meat patty etc. DINNER: Beef mince + mixed stir fry veggies. I use soy sauce, hoisin sauce, ginger & chilli with the veggies! DESSERT: Ice-cream, chocolate + decaf coffee with flavoured sweetener. – This is just a general overview of my day. I usually find myself snacking at extras if I’m hungry but this is the bulk of my day. – I try drink as much water as I can. Other drinks I have are @ehplabs Oxyshred, @beforeyouspeakcoffee, decaf long black coffees with sweetener, Coke no sugar/Diet Coke. Sometimes a hot chocolate if I’m still wanting something sweet after dinner! ???? – This is a different kind of post to my usual but hope you enjoyed it! This is just a little bit of inspo for your foods & to show that you can eat a diverse range of foods and still stay in shape!! – @laurensimpsonfitness LIFESTYLE ???? – Any questions??! Let me know below.

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In the caption of the post, Lauren told her followers that she’s not trying to lose weight, doesn’t track her calories, eats mindfully, doesn’t know how much she weighs or her body fat percentage, and doesn’t restrict food groups or certain types of foods in general. At the end of the caption, Lauren wrote that her meal diary shows it’s possible to eat a diverse range of foods and still stay in shape.

Many of the fitness model’s followers enjoyed her latest post, leaving several thousand likes and dozens of comments within the first day.