Carrie Underwood Dances To 'Savage' In Epic TikTok Video

Who knew Carrie Underwood had such epic moves? The country superstar took to TikTok this week to prove that she's actually a pretty solid dancer when she took on the Savage Challenge that's doing the rounds on the video social media platform. The 37-year-old mom of two showed off her impressive rhythm in the short clip posted on May 29 as she swished her hips and moved her arms along to the sounds of Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage".

The short clip showed Carrie -- who recently stunned in a coral crop top and matching leggings from her own workout line -- in the forefront as she danced along to the huge hit alongside her longtime makeup artist, Melissa Schleicher.

The "Southbound" singer was dressed all in black with a pair of skintight high-waisted leggings and a baggy t-shirt that was knotted at the waist. She had her long, blond hair curled and down.

Carrie slayed the moves of the viral challenge, which includes swinging the hips, shimmying the torso, and swishing the arms. She shared it shortly after she opened up about her personal life in a new docu-series with her husband, retired hockey player Mike Fisher.

Melissa stood in the background and gave fans a look at her own moves while she rocked a red-and-black face mask with a pair of blue jeans and a white and brown t-shirt.

But while they both most certainly had the moves down as they confidently sashayed on camera, Carrie joked in the caption that she knows all too well that she and Melissa are in fact not all that savage.

In the first 15 hours since she shared it to her account, Carrie and Melissa's version of the infamous Savage Challenge has been viewed over 497,600 times and received almost 55,000 likes.

And it's safe to say that fans were impressed. The comments section was flooded with praise for the star, who's managed to keep her dance skills a secret for a while now.

"CARRIE MARIE UNDERWOOD!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DID THIS CHALLENGE!!!! Also maybe my favorite content you've EVER posted!!!?? ILY," one person commented.

"Carrie Underwood on TikTok is my new favorite thing," another person said.

"Girl, I thought you said you couldn't dance? You have got this down," a third comment read.

"Oh my gosh... you're the coolest mom I know," another TikTok user wrote with a crying laughing emoji.

Carrie's epic "Savage" video probably came as a surprise to a lot of fans, as she hasn't often showed off her moves -- even on stage.

Last year, she admitted during an interview with PollStar that she "can't really do [choreography]."

"Any time I've tried, it's never felt right — and the vocals suffer," she said.