Kim French Shares Incredible Body Transformation In Before-And-After Photos On Instagram

Kim French poses for a selfie
Kim French / Instagram

British fitness trainer Kim French showed her Instagram followers how her dedication to exercise has transformed her body via the latest post on her Instagram page. In a side-by-side composite image, Kim shared two photos of herself. In the older snapshot, Kim wore a curve-hugging sparkly black dress and posed with a male companion who stood behind her. Her figure was noticeably fuller in the photo, particularly around her midsection.

The more recent photo showed Kim with the chiseled physique that her fans have come to know her for. She sported a floral sports bra as well as white shorts and tugged at both to expose even more of her sculpted abs. The outfit also flaunted the muscle definition in her legs, specifically her quadriceps.

In her caption, Kim hinted that the older photo had been taken after the birth of her second child. She wrote about feeling that she’d have to “accept” the way that she looked at the time. Kim shared that she later changed her attitude towards fitness, and encouraged her fans to do the same — especially if they felt discouraged regarding their goals.

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After my second child was born I remember thinking I would just have to accept being unhappy with myself… but I can assure you now from my experience that it really doesn’t have to be like that! We convince ourselves that the damage is done and there’s no going back! WRONG! It’s our confidence that holds us back, our lack of knowledge, our fear of the unknown, not knowing where to start, feeling overwhelmed. . Listen and listen GOOD… there is nothing stopping you doing this apart from you! To begin with, you might find it hard to adjust, you might be demotivated that you don’t see instant results, you might struggle with diet and want to give up. BUT the struggles are part of the process, are you going to be the one that gave up knowing you could have done more or are you going to push through and keep fighting? My results took months… years!!! And I’m not finished yet! Because I enjoy the challenge of seeing what my body is capable of and this change of lifestyle has made me feel complete again. Why would I want to give that up??? . Don’t use being a parent as an excuse Don’t use being too busy as an excuse Excuses are for people that don’t want it badly enough! What are you waiting for? . All my home & gym fitness plans are currently on 20% off with promo code ‘FIT20’ so if you want me to be your trainer and help you get the results you dream of… click the ???? in my bio and join the team! You don’t have to do this alone ????????

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The post has been liked close to 30,000 times, as of this writing, and more than 700 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, some fans called Kim an inspiration.

“Damn girl!!! You are my fave Instagram workout posts to watch! I used to weigh 295 pounds, after I had 4 kids, worth it those girls are my world….but today 145…yep! Don’t ever settle!” one person wrote.

“Thank you for the inspiration, stay real, that sets you apart,” another added, including a red heart emoji with their comment.

“You’re such a great motivator, role model – all around AH-MAZING!” a third supporter gushed.

“So incredible! You seriously amaze me every single time a transformation is posted,” a fourth commenter remarked.

Kim regularly shares exercise demonstrations on her Instagram page. In a previous post, she trained her lower body with a circuit that included triple paused squats, banded pulsing kickbacks, banded single-leg kneeling squats, banded jump squats, banded glute bridge abductions, and banded monster walks.

“This circuit was actually very tough… All you need is your bodyweight & bands. If you want to add more intensity then use a weight too!” she wrote, adding a smiling emoji to the caption.

That post has been liked more than 25,000 times, and more than 630 Instagram users have commented on it.