Nata Lee Spreads Legs In Flirty New Video On Instagram

Nata Lee shared two new updates to her Instagram page yesterday, and her first post was a video clip paired with a flirty caption. During the video, she spread her legs and rocked a polka dot dress.

Her dress was eye-catching, considering that it had a low neckline that left her black bra peeking out. The dress had short sleeves and lapels, and it was navy blue with white dots.

She wore her hair down in a casual side part, and her makeup application seemed to include light eyeshadow, heavy mascara, and light pink lipstick. She didn't wear any visible pieces of jewelry and kept the focus on her physique.

The model sat on the edge of a square glass coffee table and held onto the edge of it with her hands. She was seen moving her knees in and out as she smiled widely. At one point, she glanced down at her hands for a moment before looking back up and giving the camera a flirty stare. Nata even gave a quick wink before the clip ended.

There was a colorful filter that was added to the video, including stars that circled her head and circular blotches of light that brightened up the top of the frame.

Behind her was a well-decorated wall with a large TV and a series of pictures. A potted flower was visible along with a white couch that peeked through at the right side of the frame.

The geotag revealed that she was in Phuket, Thailand when this clip was shot.

The update has been viewed over 77,300 times, and the comments section was filled with rave reviews from her adoring fans.

"You're precious!!" exclaimed a supporter.

"Your BEAUTIFUL smile warms my heart!!!" gushed a second social media user.

Others responded to her question in the caption.

"I usually start my day sitting on my coffee table too," joked a third admirer.

"I check your feed to see if you posted anything," wrote another devotee.

The blonde is known for her sultry photos, and she posted another eye-catching snap to her social media page yesterday. She opted for a simple outfit and rocked a small white tank top with a scoop neckline. Her cleavage was on show, and she smiled with her lips closed and played with her hair with her left hand. She didn't wear any jewelry and sported a chic makeup application that appeared to include pink lipstick and light eyeshadow.