Valeria Mercado Gets Flirty In Lingerie In Hot Pink Pics

Valeria Mercado takes a selfie.
Valeria Mercado / Instagram

Valeria Mercado has shared three new updates to her Instagram page today, and she kicked it off with a flirty photo series. There were three photos in the set, and she rocked a skimpy lingerie set and posed in a room that glowed hot pink.

In the first snap, she sat on the floor and propped up her left knee. She placed her hands on the ground and glanced at the camera with a slightly serious expression on her face.

Although the room was brightly lit in a neon pink color, it was difficult to make out the details of Valeria’s ensemble. However, it was possible to see that her bra had extra straps that called attention to her cleavage, and it had big bows on the front. Her bottoms also featured long side straps that fell down her upper thighs. The tag noted that the set was from Fashion Nova.

She slicked her hair back and wore a wig in order to rock a high ponytail with extra-long locks. Her makeup application likely included long lashes and dark lipstick.

Behind her, along the wall, were two neon signs depicting a woman’s figure. Whether it was just the signs or additional lighting added to the room, the entire frame was drenched in a pink color.

In the second picture, the model posed on her hands and knees. She brushed her curly locks in front of her right shoulder and she offered a coy look at the camera.

The final shot was similar to the first, except she crossed her hands on top of her shin.

The update has garnered over 14,500 likes so far, and the comments section was filled with positive reactions from her followers.

“You are my inspo on a daily, D*MN,” raved a social media user.

“Been following You since day 1,” shared a second follower.

“Can’t believe how long I’ve been following you! You’re so inspiring,” declared another fan.

“Roxanne you don’t have to put on the red light,” wrote a fourth admirer, referring to the song “Roxanne” by The Police.

The sensation showed off her physique in another ensemble on May 12, and seemingly wore the same wig. There were two photos in the set and she rocked a black bikini. Valeria accessorized with heart-shaped black sunglasses and a pair of oversized gold hoop earring. Her bright lipstick added color to her look.

Her cleavage, flat abs, and curvy hips were hard to miss. Behind her was a pool, and she stood in a sunny spot for the photo.