Michie Peachie Flaunts Killer Figure In Orange Sports Bra And Shorts For Leg Day Workout On Instagram

Michie Peachie snaps a selfie
Michie Peachie / Instagram

Michie Peachie gave her Instagram followers some creative new lower body workout ideas in the latest video series on her social media page.

Rocking an orange sports bra and matching shorts, the fitness model and trainer lay down on a small stool in the first video clip so that her upper body hung over the edge. Michie stretched a long resistance band with her feet behind her as she raised and lowered her torso with slow, controlled movements.

Michie remained on the stool for the next video, but this time she hooked her feet into the ends of the band and raised her knees out to the sides. The third clip saw her stay in the same position and place the band beneath the soles of her feet so that she could push it upward with her legs.

She lay on her back for the next exercise in the circuit and wrapped one end of the band around her ankles. With her hips raised and her opposite foot planted on the ground, Michie proceeded to lift her leg and lower it, stretching the band as she did so. In the subsequent clip, she repeated the move but kept her hips on the floor.

Michie sat upright for the next exercise, a set of banded leg extensions. She wrapped her resistance band around her ankles for this one and stretched it between the legs of the couch she sat on.

Michie reintroduced the stool to the workout for the last exercise of the series. She lay chest down on it, with the band hooked on her feet and performed a set of hamstring curls.

In her caption, Michie suggested doing each exercise “until failure” and to repeat each set four times

The post racked up more than 8,000 likes in four hours, and close to 100 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, some fans thanked her for the fitness motivation she provided in her videos.

“You are absolutely incredible! And inspire so much, gorgeous” one fan wrote before adding a heart-eye emoji to their comment.

A second comment praised how unique Michie’s workouts are.

“I love how creative your at-home workouts are!” another person added. “It’s given me lots of new ideas.”

But others seemed more interested in some of the household items she incorporated into the workout.

“I know this is the wrong takeaway but where did you get that cute stool from?” a third commenter asked.

“You’ve got some pretty high-quality furniture, I guess” a fourth user added.