Joe Biden Allies Reportedly Fear Donald Trump Is Winning ‘Economic Argument’

Former Vice President Joe Biden during a campaign event in Dallas, Texas.
Ron Jenkins / Getty Images

According to a Friday report from Reuters, some close to former Vice President Joe Biden fear that President Donald Trump is winning the “economic argument” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The virus has ravaged the United States economy, with more than 40 million Americans filing jobless claims. But, after months of lockdowns and similar measures, the nation is slowly reopening. Some Biden allies are reportedly concerned that Trump could become “the face of an economic recovery” by the November election.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Biden has maintained a relatively low profile, periodically holding virtual town halls from the basement of his Delaware home. As a leading Democrat in Michigan’s Macomb County put it, the former vice president “stayed in his basement and did the proper thing, but now it’s different.”

The Democrat argued that Biden should show more leadership, campaign in communities across the country, and discuss how to gradually reopen the economy in accordance with expert recommendations.

“He needs to show what life is going to be like and how we are going to do it,” they added.

According to a Biden adviser, unemployment rates and economic recovery will be the main “political argument” in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump has aggressively pushed for an economic reopening, while Biden has taken a more conservative approach to the issue. The former vice president has argued that the country should not reopen fully until there is a vaccine.

Polling suggests that voters trust Trump’s judgment. A Reuters/Ipsos poll released earlier this week showed that 42 percent of voters trust Trump when it comes to the economy, and 34 percent trust Biden. However, Biden is still polling ahead of Trump nationwide.

Similarly, a Fox News poll released earlier this month put Biden eight points ahead of Trump nationally, but showed that Trump was more trusted on the economy.

According to former spokesman for California Sen. Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign Ian Sams, Biden and other Democrats need to attack Trump over his administration’s treatment of workers and small businesses.

Sams said that in order to win in November, Biden “must put Trump’s mismanagement of the economic fallout of the coronavirus on the front burner.”

Biden has not yet released his own economic recovery plan, but he is expected to do so soon.

Some believe there is not much Biden can do to adapt to the unprecedented situation. Conceding that a strong economy would help Trump, Chair of the Oakland County Democratic Party Vaughn Derderian said “it’s not that we don’t want to reopen the economy. We don’t know what it means to reopen the economy safely.”