Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, And Pauly DelVecchio Throw At-Home Prom

Millions of high school students are missing their proms because of the coronavirus pandemic, so Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, and Paul DelVecchio (aka DJ Pauly D) teamed up to throw an at-home prom, People reported. On Friday's episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan! Ripa and Seacrest were joined remotely by guests who helped them create the perfect at-home prom for high school students all over the country.

Their first guest was Jersey Shore's DelVecchio. He DJ'd a set for the event via video chat, then chatted with Ripa and Seacrest about his own prom experience.

"I didn't actually go to my prom, but I went to someone's prom. And the only thing I can remember was I was more focused on the music and the DJ than I was my actual date," DelVecchio joked.

"She was so annoyed with me. She wanted to leave because I was just wishing I was DJ-ing that prom!"

After DelVechhio's set, Ripa and Seacrest were joined by TikTok sensation Addison Rae, according to People. Ripa, Seacrest, and Rae all performed a dance number to the song "Tonight" by Kesha. During their performance, they shared videos of TikTok users performing the same dance number.

Then, the pop band AJR virtually dropped in on the show to perform their hit song "Bang."

Ripa and Seacrest wrapped up the show by interviewing families about how they had transformed their homes to throw proms for their quarantined high schoolers, then hosting a virtual prom fashion show. Viewers submitted videos of themselves showing off their stunning prom fashions to Live! before the episode aired -- and Ripa and Seacrest showed off their looks, of course, adding their own commentary.

"I want a do-over for my prom, because prom dresses are so much more stylish now," Ripa quipped.

"They're so much cooler now, I was thinking the same thing," Seacrest agreed.

"So much for all the sequins we used to have."

To prepare for their at-home prom event, Ripa and Seacrest reminisced about their own proms in a video message that they sent to Daily Pop on Thursday, E! News reported. In the video message, they both shared their prom pictures as well as hilarious stories about their prom nightmares. Apparently, Ripa styled her hair with 7 Up instead of water before one of her proms. Seacrest shared that his pre-prom dinner plans were nearly ruined because the limo he and his friends rented was too big for the restaurant's parking lot.

Even though proms were canceled, Ripa said she and Seacrest wanted to give "students a chance to strut their stuff."

Ripa and Seacrest have been doing their show from home since the earliest days of the coronavirus pandemic.