Jenna Jameson Gets Arrested, Accuses Britney Markham Of Robbing House

Shortly after Jenna Jameson was arrested for battery, the former porn star took to Twitter to accuse one of her friends of robbing her California home.

Jameson claims that her friend and personal assistant Britney Markham broke into her home and robbed her.

Jameson wrote on Twitter: “Wow just got Robbed by a friend @britneymarkham she accused me of gusting her, and them broke into my home and took everything.”

It’s unclear if Jenna reported the robbery to police or if she’s just venting on Twitter. It’s also unclear if the incident took place before or after Jameson’s arrest.

Jameson was arrested on Saturday night for assaulting an unidentified person before her birthday party in California. The victim ended up putting Jameson under citizen’s arrest and waited for police to arrive.

It turns out that Markham, who is also a porn star, was the “unidentified person” in the attack. Markham wrote on Instagram that she was put in the hospital by her employer and said that she did not rob the porn star’s house.

Markham wrote on Instagram: “NOT TRUE! How could u say that u attacked me and im@in the hospital becouse of u.”

Markham also posted a photo of herself from the hospital along with the message: “This what u did to me and u accuse me of stealing.”

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The Huffington Post notes that Jameson is currently on probation for a DUI from 2012. It is unclear if her current arrest will affect her probation.

Wow just gotRobbed by a friend @britneymarkham she accused me of gusting her, and them broke into my home and took everything

— Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) April 7, 2013