Ryan Gosling Movie Bank Robbery Involved Real Customers

When Ryan Gosling filmed his bank robbery scene for the movie The Place Beyond The Pines, he wasn’t surrounded by actors. Nope, the actor filmed the scene at a real bank with real customers inside.

Gosling said that he wanted the reaction shots to be realistic so the film crew decided to use real people.

The actor said that the film was shot in one take but admitted that they didn’t quite get the effect that they were looking for.

Gosling said that several customers recognized him and started smiling and taking pictures.

The actor told Digital Spy: “I’m there with a gun and I look down and people are just smiling. They were just enjoying the show and I think I spotted someone filming me on their camera phone as I robbed the place.”

But getting a realistic shot wasn’t the only reason that Gosling wanted to film his bank robbery in front of real customers. The actor said that he’s always had a fantasy about being an outlaw and robbing a bank.

Gosling said: “I’ve been thinking about a bank robbery my whole life [too], and I finally got to do it. I loved making this movie. Initially, I just thought I got to rob banks on a bike, but actually it goes much, much deeper than that.”

Here’s the opening scene from The Place Beyond The Pines.

The Place Beyond The Pines opened last week in the United States to a limited amount of theaters. The movie doesn’t have a big audience at the moment, but it has gained some critical reviews.

Austin Kennedy from Film Geek Central writes: “Gosling is phenomenal, the direction is inspiring, and it’s incredibly ambitious. But it is a little too ambitious for its own good, and that’s what holds it back from being great. Still, I would say it’s definitely worth your time.”