Scheana Marie Claims Lisa Vanderpump Ignored Her 'Vanderpump Rules' Editing Concerns

Scheana Marie reportedly begged her SUR Restaurant boss and Vanderpump Rules co-star, Lisa Vanderpump, to listen to her concerns over the way she was portrayed on the recently aired eighth season of the Bravo reality series.

Unfortunately, she didn't get the response she was looking for.

During an appearance on Maria Menounos' podcast series on May 27, via The Armenian Reporter, Scheana revealed that after approaching Lisa about a scene in which Lisa repeatedly suggested she was jealous about Max Boyens' relationship with Dayna, she received a disappointing answer.

"Oh please, stop it. Be professional. Do your job. Stop breaking the fourth wall," Lisa told her, according to the account Scheana gave on Wednesday's episode of Better Together With Maria Menounos.

According to Scheana, she doesn't feel that it was fair for Lisa to confront her with claims of jealousy when she told her repeatedly that she was not upset that Max was dating Dayna during filming last summer.

Scheana then revealed that her issues stemmed from the fact that Dayna, who was starring in her debut season of Vanderpump Rules at the time, was able to showcase her career and life outside of SUR Restaurant on the show.

"How is that fair to all of us who have worked so hard for eight years?" Scheana wondered.

While Scheana hoped that Lisa would be understanding about her concerns, she has since learned, and seen on the show, that her "jealous girl" persona was something she couldn't avoid.

In fact, rather than showcase her life and accomplishments during Vanderpump Rules Season 8, which include her egg freezing journey and her successful podcast, the series spotlighted Scheana's life at SUR Restaurant and alleged hangups over her co-stars' relationships.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Scheana also spoke to Maria about the way in which she feels that she's been taken advantage of throughout her eight seasons on Vanderpump Rules due to her kind demeanor. As she explained, she often feels that her kindness is mistaken for weakness, and because of that, she believes certain people associated with the show haven't hesitated to walk all over her and make jokes about her life.

Scheana then said that when it comes to the Bravo reality show, she believes it pays off to be mean.

"The b*tches are winning! They're the ones with most followers, they're the ones with the most job opportunities!" Scheana told the podcast host, according to a May 28 report shared by Us Weekly magazine.