Lindsey Pelas Poses In Nothing But A Towel

Lindsey Pelas poses for a photograph
Courtesy Photo

Lindsey Pelas tantalized her 9 million Instagram followers on Thursday, May 28, by sharing a seductive video of herself on her Instagram story while she was completely naked, save for a tiny towel.

The blond bombshell appeared to be in a cushy bathroom, posing at a marble vanity. She held the white towel with one hand while she held out her phone and took the video clip in the mirror with the other. Fans caught a glimpse of her sculpted arms.

The chenille towel barely covered her body. It fell over her front in an upside-down triangle, falling low on her voluptuous chest. Her ample cleavage was on full display and her curvaceous hips peeked out from behind the towel, showing off her hourglass figure and fit physique, as well as the curve of her booty.

Lindsey first glanced at the camera with a seductive stare before switching her gaze to her phone. The corners of her mouth turned upward, and she sported a close-lipped smile on her face.

She tilted her head to the side as she zoomed in on herself in the clip, her buxom bust quickly becoming the focal point of the video. She puckered her plump pout.

Lindsey’s icy blond hair was parted in the middle and cascaded down one shoulder in loose waves. Her tresses appeared to be darker at the roots, quickly transitioning into flaxen locks. One piece of hair reached her cheek, a shorter strand than the rest of her mane.

The Louisiana native seemed to wear a face full of makeup, starting with her brown brows. They appeared to be shaped and groomed and arched over her sea green eyes. It looked as if she wore shadow on her lids. Her eyes seemed to be rimmed with kohl eyeliner, which made the whites of her eyes stand out, and her lashes were coated with black mascara.

Her lips appeared to be outlined with a mocha-colored lipliner. They seemed to be filled in with a frosty pink shade.

She used the retroCAM filter on the video, an effect that she often uses on the app. The filter made her sun-kissed skin glow even more. It also sprinkled black-and-white flecks on the footage, giving it a vintage vibe.

As fans know, the model frequently shares racy photos and videos on her Instagram.

Most recently, she shared a series of snapshots and clips of herself wearing a plunging gray bodysuit that left little to the imagination.