WWE News: Zelina Vega Reveals If She’ll Ever Wrestle Again

Zelina Vega shows off her in-ring gear

Zelina Vega is currently the manager of Andrade and Angel Garza on WWE’s Monday Night Raw brand. She’s been managing Andrade since his days in NXT, and their alliance led to him winning the NXT Championship. In recent years, Vega has primarily been a valet, but she still has her own in-ring ambitions that she wants to pursue eventually in WWE.

As quoted by 411 Mania, Vega recently appeared on Busted Open Radio and revealed that wrestling is still her “first love” and she plans on becoming a singles star down the line. When that day comes, she hopes to blow people’s minds, but for now, she appears to be focused on her current role as a mouthpiece for Andrade and Garza.

“Right now, people are seeing me, my job is to put the other guys over, my job is to make sure my associates, my clients are in the right spot at the right time, making sure I’m talking them up, but when I bring it to myself, I don’t think people are going to be ready for that just yet, and that’s something that I want to be, when it’s going to happen, there is going to be no stopping me there.”

While Vega rarely wrestles these days, she has competed in the ring this year. Her last match was against Bianca Belair following this year’s WrestleMania, which was only a matter of weeks ago. The company appears to be using her in matches when the storyline calls for one, but Vega’s comments in the interview suggest that she wants more in-ring time.

However, Vega’s work as a manager has resulted in her receiving lots of acclaim. Managers are a rarity in modern WWE, and Vega’s onscreen persona has been one of the standouts on Monday Night Raw in recent months. Her job is to elevate other talents, but her own performances haven’t gone unnoticed as she’s one of the most featured heels on the show.

During the interview, Vega praised Jason Jordan — who is currently inactive from in-ring competition due to an injury — for helping her shine on the red brand. According to her, the backstage producer helps performers execute their own ideas as opposed to telling them what to do, which she really appreciates. Producers are usually responsible for making sure that superstars stick to management’s vision for a match, but as Vega suggested, Jordan appears to let performers execute some of their own ideas within that format.