Sophie Dee Flaunts Her Cheeks In Cherry Red

Sophie Dee at the 2019 premiere of LadyKillerTV
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Red is often considered the color of passion, love, fiery desire, and longing. Welsh actress and Instagram dynamo Sophie Dee seemingly confirmed as much with her most recent social media update; a blazing pictorial featuring her bountiful derriere and bodacious body in a cherry red swimsuit that managed to paint the perfect portrait of her curvaceous figure in spite of the fact that it actually covered much of it in the shot.

Nevertheless, the May 29 Instagram post did leave some of her best bits completely exposed, which undoubtedly ignited the flames within her 7.4 million followers on the platform. In the caption, Sophie posed a question for her admirers, wondering if the outfit made her “butt look big.”

Clearly, bigger can definitely be better.

In the back-view photo, Sophie was seated on her knees on a bed with her lower legs curled under her thick thighs, upon which her delicate fingers with black-painted nails rested. Between her cheeky assets, a small strip of red fabric provided incredible contrast against her alabaster skin, which perhaps made their curvature and contours even more pronounced.

Save for her lower body, arms, and upper back, her torso was shrouded in crimson fabric, but Sophie’s sinuous form nonetheless managed to tempt and tease.

Her upper half was turned just enough to the right to reveal the full shape and scope of her breast while she peered back at the camera’s lens with her brilliantly blue eyes. Sophie’s brown hair was pulled back into a playful ponytail, and her luscious, full lips were parted ever so slightly while she offered a hint of a smile for the camera. Her expression appeared impish, but also smoldered in a way that will undoubtedly entrance her devotees.

In less than an hour after hitting her Instagram feed, the sultry snapshot had inspired nearly 35,000 fans to smash the like button, while almost 800 were prompted to comment. As one would expect, they weren’t shy about sharing their admiration for Sophie’s latest offering.

“You look like ripe fruit,” commented one fan, adding a peach emoji.

“It’s always big and best,” wrote another commenter in response to Sophie’s query.

“Oh yeah but who could complain about it?” asked another fan.

Sophie has been a busy bee of late on Instagram. As shared previously by The Inquisitr, she posted an update less than 12 hours before her cherry red swimsuit pic that featured her body practically spilling out of an animal-print and neon-striped bikini.