Hungarian Fitness Trainer Anita Herbert Shows Off Insane Physique In Colorful Bikini

Anita Herbert takes a mirror selfie at the gym.
Anita Herbert / Instagram

Anita Herbert flaunted her fit body to her 2.3 million Instagram followers on Friday, May 29, with a new update. Within, she discussed the use of supplements as part of her fitness journey.

The Hungarian fitness model and trainer stood in front of a sand-colored Jeep Wrangler as she faced the camera. Herbert kicked her hips to the right while swiveling the opposite leg to the other side. She lifted her heel up in a way that showcased her muscular leg.

Herbert rocked a two-piece bathing suit that boasted a colorful print against a baby blue background. Her bikini top sported small triangles that allowed her to show off her cleavage. They were held by spaghetti straps that tied behind her neck. She teamed this with a pair of matching bottoms bearing thin straps, which she wore high on her sides. Herbert wore a light blue sarong wrapped around her hips, though it was high enough to expose her bikini bottoms.

Herbert wore her dark hair parted on the left and styled down. She pulled her straight tresses over her right shoulder, helping to frame her face.

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“Anita, what supplements do you take?” . “Are supplements even needed?” . The answer is:???????? . If you already follow a well balanced diet + exercise regularly, IN THAT CASE adding supplements can HELP you speed ????up your progress YES! ✅ . BUT they are NOT mandatory! . Most of your progress comes from your nutrition + workouts + sleep!???? . And from your CONSISTENCY!???? . This is where most people FAIL, they think taking protein powders + fat burners will magically make them get fit while sitting on the couch???? . But unfortunately that is NOT the case. Supplements are NOT magical???? products that can transform your body without you putting in hard work. supplements are just that, they there to 'supplement' your effort that's already there! . Here is my current stack by @onesthealth : ???????? . ✅Whey ISO Pro – Vanilla flavor (Ya’all know my daily protein ice cream ????) I take 1 serving (1 scoop) daily because I LOVE it + it helps me easily hit my daily protein target???? (They also have a VEGAN option for all my vegan ????????ladies) ✅Hyperload pre-workout I only take this if I train in the afternoon & need a little energy boost????- it puts in the mood ???????? (I take about 3/4 scoop, 20 minutes prior training) ✅Thermosleep – my nighttime fat burner + sleep aid (1 scoop before bed) ✅Aminoload – this is for muscle recovery, gotta take care of those new ????????????????babies! BEFORE/DURING OR AFTER my workout out! (1 scoop mix it with cold????water) . . ????????‍♀️If you want to know more info about my supplements by @onesthealth (how to take them, what are the benefits of each, etc) CLICK the link in my bio and download my FREE supplement guide!???? . Do you take any supplements? If so what kind? Let me know in the comments!

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In the caption, she said the supplements are helpful, but not mandatory. They can aid a regimen if the person is putting in the physical work and being consistent about it.

Within just 30 minutes of going live, the post attracted more than 4,200 likes and upwards of 90 comments. Many Instagram users took to the comments section to compliment Herbert on her body.

“Stunning picture. You look amazing and absolutely gorgeous,” wrote one of her fans.

“Your hair shorter looks really good! Like it even more,” replied another admirer.

Many others used the opportunity to ask her questions about supplements, and to share their own regimes.

“Hi Anita, I take protein, BCAA for my muscles and magnesium before sleep. I’m seeing results but my lower body not so much [sad emoji] but also I’m only getting 6-7 hours of sleep, maybe that’s my problem?” asked another user.

“Protein, pre workout, aminos, multi vitamin, probiotics, fish oil, joint fuel! You look incredible!” added a fourth fan.

Herbert often posts photos of her physique as a segue into broader discussions about fitness. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently shared a photo of herself sitting on a yoga mat while rocking a black workout set. In the caption attached to that share, she talked about intermittent fasting. Herbert explained that she follows the fast five days a week, taking breaks on the weekends.