‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Reveals He Had An Affair, Has A Secret Daughter

Phil made the announcement during the most recent episode of his podcast.

Phil Robertson speaks at the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Phil made the announcement during the most recent episode of his podcast.

Phil Robertson is diving back into his past. In the latest episode of Unashamed With Phil Robertson released on May 28, the Duck Dynasty star revealed that he just discovered he’s the father of a 45-year-old daughter, named Phyliss. She is the product of an affair he had in the 1970s.

In the episode, Phil said that Phyliss had reached out to his sons Al and Jase in letters three months ago. In the missives, she wrote that she believed she was their sister. At first, Al said he didn’t believe her. Apparently, the Robertsons get a lot of mail from people who claim to be relatives and are really just looking for money. Plus, Phil had become a Christian in 1970s, so Al didn’t believe his father would cheat on his wife Kay. Phil and Kay have been married since 1966.

Al and Jase kept the letters a secret from their parents until they could verify whether Phyliss’ claim was real. They enlisted their podcast producers to have a DNA test done.

“I started thinking, there’s a 45-year-old woman out there who doesn’t know who her dad is, and she’s looking. And I thought, even if it’s not dad, she needs to know it’s not dad,” Al explained.

The producers spoke with Phyliss and found out she wasn’t looking for anything. She took the test and it showed she had a 99.9 percent match with Phil.

Al said Phil didn’t remember anything about the affair, but that their mother did. She said Phil had been drunk the entire time and wasn’t in his right mind. Phil revealed he was an alcoholic in 2013.

However, the family said they’re happy Phyliss found them.

“It’s a pretty cool explanation of redemption, reconciliation, love. As it turns out, 45 years you have a daughter you don’t know about, and she has a father she doesn’t know about. Forty-five years doesn’t sound like very long, but you say, that’s a while. So finally, after all those years, we come together,” Phil explained.

Phil and Kay also have two other sons, Willie and Jules. In the past, the Robertson family has been open about Phil’s history with alcoholism and infidelity. In a clip featured on ABC News in 2013, Kay said that his drinking was a problem for much of his life pre-fame. She also mentioned she knew he had affairs with other women, although she didn’t want to believe it at the time.