Natalie Roser Sizzles In A Retro-Inspired White Swimsuit

In her latest Instagram update, blond bombshell Natalie Roser surprised her 1.2 million Instagram followers by sharing a snap to engage with the swimsuit icon challenge happening on the social media platform.

Natalie didn't include a geotag on the post, but she was pictured standing on the beach with the ocean stretching out behind her. The waves lapped at the shore and the sky was a vibrant blue. The ocean grew darker toward the horizon, and the serene backdrop provided the perfect background for Natalie's curves.

Natalie rocked a one-piece white swimsuit that had a bit of a retro feel. The swimsuit neckline was a bit higher than most and didn't expose any cleavage. However, the sides were cut in a way that a hint of sideboob was visible. Super thin straps stretched over her shoulders, and though she didn't turn around, it seems as though the suit likely left much of her back exposed.

The true retro vibe came in the high-cut sides, however. While high-cut swimsuits are becoming more popular lately, Natalie's suit was particularly old-school. The sides stretched all the way up to her ribs, leaving almost the entire side of her body exposed with just a narrow bit of fabric covering up her NSFW areas.

The shot was cropped just above Natalie's knees, so not all of her legs were visible, but there was still plenty for her fans to admire. The white hue of the one-piece looked stunning against Natalie's bronzed skin, and she flashed a smile at the camera as her blond locks blew in the wind.

Natalie followed up the snap with her inspiration from 1987, as she clarified in the caption, a Sports Illustrated cover featuring Elle Macpherson. Elle rocked a black one-piece swimsuit that had a similar vibe to Natalie's post, and the supermodel was smiling in the effortlessly gorgeous shot.

Natalie's fans loved her post participating in the challenge, and it racked up over 6,900 likes within just one hour. It also received 94 comments from her fans.

"You are the new body," one fan said, referring to Elle Macpherson's nickname.

"Absolutely stunning," another follower commented.

"Gorgeous babe," one fan said, followed by a duo of heart eyes emoji and a duo of flame emoji.

"Looking amazing both of you," another said, enjoying both stunning women in swimsuits.

Natalie often mixes things up on her Instagram page, alternating between bikini snaps, shots in activewear, and more. Just a few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, she shared a triple update taken on Bondi Beach. Her long blond locks blew around her in the wind as she showed off her toned physique in a white sports bra and high-waisted yellow leggings.