Rachel Lindsay Says She Doesn’t Expect Hannah Brown To Change After N-Word Backlash

Rachel Lindsay says Hannah Brown is 'empowered by an audience.'

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Rachel Lindsay says Hannah Brown is 'empowered by an audience.'

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay opened up about fellow former Bachelorette Hannah Brown. Brown faced an onslaught of backlash earlier this month for singing the N-word while reciting the lyrics to DaBaby’s song “Rockstar” during an Instagram live session. Even though Brown has since apologized, Lindsay doesn’t think she will change her behavior, according to E! News.

During Thursday’s episode of the podcast Higher Learning With Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay, Lindsay noted that she has not spoken to Brown since she issued her apology for using the derogatory term. Brown has also been absent online and has not been posting on any of her various social media accounts. Even though Brown has claimed to be very sorry and said that she is taking her mistake very seriously, Lindsay doesn’t believe she truly recognizes that what she did was wrong.

Lindsay also discussed the fact that Brown has a large number of fans and a large presence on social media. Many of these fans have stood by her throughout the scandal involving the N-word. With so many people supporting Brown, Lindsay doesn’t feel that Brown will see the reason to change her behavior in the future.

She noted that Brown is “empowered by an audience” that is comprised of extremely devoted fans that can be “intense” in their support for her. As a result, she expects that Brown is “going to go right back to doing what she was doing before.”

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Lindsay called upon Brown to own up to her actions.

“She needs to refer to her team. Because that’s what she’s done from here on out,” she said.

Lindsay is referencing Brown’s public relations team, who reportedly guided her through how to repair her image after the scandal. In a previous interview on The Viall Files podcast with Nick Viall, Lindsay explained that Brown had reached out to her seeking advice following the scandal. Lindsay advised her to go on an Instagram live session with her during which time they would discuss the topic of racism. Brown decided not to do this and instead simply issued an apology statement, which disappointed Lindsay.

Lindsay, who is African American herself, spoke out after the scandal occurred to offer her stance on the issue and to respond to those defending Brown’s use of the N-word. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lindsay explained that even though the word was included within the lyrics of a song, that doesn’t make a white person using it acceptable.