Fitness Model Jeanette Jenkins Shows Off Fit Figure While Training Abs In New Workout Video

Jeanette Jenkins takes a mirror selfie in a swimsuit.
Jeanette Jenkins / Instagram

Fitness model Jeanette Jenkins posted a new workout video to popular social media platform Instagram on Friday. The model showed off her fit figure as she demonstrated 10 ab exercises for her nearly 730,000 followers.

Jeanette wore a teal tank top with “Pretty Girls Sweat” written in pink and white lettering across the front. The top left her sculpted arm muscles on display and showed a peek of her purple sports bra underneath. The model paired the top with a pair of purple leggings that contoured to the curves of her legs and ended mid-calf. Jeanette completed the outfit with a pair of bright-pink sneakers and accessorized with a pink exercise watch. She wore her dark tresses slicked back into a low ponytail and appeared to have made up her face with black mascara, eyeliner, and pink-painted lips.

The model completed the ab workout in a park with plenty of grass, flowers, and trees making up the background of the frame. She used a purple exercise mat to create a barrier between her body and the ground while performing the floor exercises and didn’t use any additional equipment. The 10 ab exercises were split into individual video clips in the post.

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Jeanette began her workout with the extended arm and leg side plank to work her obliques. She moved into knee to elbow side planks next and then followed up with a slight variation, the opposite knee to elbow side plank. The fourth exercise in the routine was the two plank jack and knee to elbow while the fifth was the reverse crunch and double leg lower. Jeanette demonstrated flutter kicks in the sixth video and added extended arms to the flutter kicks for the seventh exercise. The final three exercises in the circuit were toe touches, side tucks, and extended leg with rotation.

In the caption of the post, Jeanette told her followers that it was Day 9 of her 10 Day Ab Blast Challenge on the Hollywood Trainer Club website. The exercises in the slides could be performed as a bonus to the ab workout for the day. She also announced that her 30 Day Summer Body Bootcamp starts on Monday, June 8 and anyone interested could check out the link in her profile.

The model’s most recent post earned several hundred likes and dozens of comments within the first hour of appearing on the photo-sharing site. Many of Jeanette’s followers complimented her figure and workouts in the comments section while others expressed their excitement for the new challenge coming up in June.

“Oh these are good ones… adding to this next weeks routine,” one Instagram user commented.

“Absolute rockstar!!! Calendar marked,” another follower wrote.